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WonderCon 2018: Lennie James on how Morgan will be different in Fear the Walking Dead

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Mar 24, 2018, 7:43 PM EDT

The Walking Dead-Fear the Walking Dead crossover episode is trudging ever closer, like a zombie with a busted foot. As we all know, Morgan Jones (Lennie James) will be appearing on the prequel series during the premiere of its fourth season next month. Beyond that, we don't know what sort of role Morgan plays in the prequel series, which is actually flashing forward in order to accommodate his appearance. This is based the words of producer Scott M. Gimple, who revealed that Morgan's arc in the second half of Season 8 of The Walking Dead is directly linked to his appearance on Fear the Walking Dead

Yes, he's technically the same person, but he won't be in the company of Rick and the other human survivors we usually associate him with. There's no telling what kind of sh** he's seen or been through before the crossover, and there's also the fact that without Rick and the others, he might lose his tether on his sanity and sense of reality. 

Appearing at the Chris Hardwick-hosted Fear the Walking Dead panel at WonderCon, James talked about how his character would be different for the crossover event. 

"I think one of the things that’s been really enjoyable is that the lines do get blurred [when it comes to morality]," Jones said, according to CBR.com. "It’s a time now when Morgan’s existing and he’s not a friend of Rick, confidant of Carol, [or] buddy of the guy [Shiva] who’s got the tiger. But he’s now in a place where — he has no history in Fear and with the people of Fear, and he gets to decide who he is now, and that’s really exciting."

In other words, his face might be familiar, but he's an entirely different person who no longer has the familiarity that makes him so endearing to Walking Dead fans, and that'll be really cool to see onscreen. He'll be so recognizable, yet so foreign. Fear showrunner Ian Goldberg added that James's addition to the show wasn't just some random name-out-of-a-hat gimmick, but an actual, indispensable part of the new season and the story it's telling. 

"We have all been fans of Morgan from The Walking Dead. We started this season with an idea, an emotional journey that would [honor these characters] and take them to new emotional places. It lined up in a way that it was undeniable that he should’ve been part of the story," he said.

Witness Morgan's crossover to Fear the Walking Dead during the show's Season 4 premiere on April 15, which immediately follows the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead. Before that, however, you can watch the first full trailer for Fear's fourth season during tomorrow night's episode of Talking Dead at 11/10c.