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WonderCon2018: Creator of Freeform’s Siren cites Jaws as an influence

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Mar 24, 2018, 5:16 PM EDT

Freeform’s new mermaid drama Siren is taking the legendary creatures more down the route of monstrous and dangerous than sweet and magical, but what else can we expect from the new series? Cast and crew shed some light on what else we’ll see at WonderCon Saturday on a panel that even referenced a classic Steven Spielberg movie as an influence on the series.

According to, creator Eric Wald mentioned Jaws as an influence and not because of the thriller aspect of the film. He explained how it’s really a small town story even if for many it’s thought of as a horror film. Considering Siren takes place in the small coastal community of Bristol Cove, it seems that small town aspect of Jaws impacted Wald. As for mermaid myths, Wald told attendees that every culture has such a myth and what he wanted to do with Siren was turn “the classic depiction on its head.” That was reiterated by Eline Powell who plays mermaid Ryn and referenced Disney mermaid Ariel by saying Ryn “doesn’t have Flounder. It’s perhaps a bit different. If you had said I was going to play a mermaid when I was little, I would have imagined something different.”

Further insight into Siren’s setting and the characters was given throughout the panel, including how when it comes to sexuality Ryn “sees souls and not bodies” and approaches it in a non-binary way.

Those who attended were also treated to a new clip from the series that started with marine biologists discussing a potential new predator and ended with Ryn running from one of the biologists, Ben, after she meets the town eccentric.

You can check out Siren when its two-hour premiere airs on Freeform March 29.