Woo hoo! John Noble's sticking around Sleepy Hollow a little longer

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Jan 29, 2014

Fox's Sleepy Hollow just beefed up its cast for season two. Not one, but two recurring stars have been promoted to series regulars. As expected, John Noble and Lyndie Greenwood are going to be hanging around a little longer. If you watched the season finale, you know there's more story to be told with both characters.

Noble stars as Henry Parrish, a sin eater who's more than meets the eye. During the last episode his true identity was revealed in a very dramatic way. He has a strong connection to both Ichabod Crane and his wife Katrina. But despite their history, Henry's not a fan of either of them. Once the show returns, they'll surely be at odds with one another.

Greenwood has already appeared in 10 of Sleepy Hollow's 13 episodes. She stars as Jenny Mills, Abbie's troubled sister. While Abbie ran from their supernatural past, Jenny embraced it and was eventually committed to a mental institution. The sisters were initially estranged, but by the end of the season they'd found their way back to each other.

Noble previously appeared on Fox's Fringe, while Greenwood recurred on The CW's Nikita.

(via THR)

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