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Woody Harrelson's character from Solo: A Star Wars Story will have his past revealed by Marvel Comics

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May 24, 2018

It's almost time to revel in all of the fun of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which opens Friday and features Woody Harrelson alongside Alden Ehrenreich as the titular scoundrel. Harrelson plays Tobias Beckett, a mentor figure to the young Han Solo. 

The film will deal with Han Solo's early history — but what about Tobias Beckett's? The Star Wars universe has a backstory for characters that are barely even seen on screen (Baron Papanoida and Malakili the crying rancor keeper being only two examples), so did we really think they'd pass up a chance to shed some light on the history of a major player?

The good news is that Tobias Beckett will have some of his pre-Solo story told in an upcoming one-shot from Marvel Comics

It will be appropriately titled Star Wars: Beckett #1, and written by Gerry Duggan. Will Sliney, Edgar Salazar, and Marc Laming will collaborate on the art, and the cover (seen below) will come courtesy of John Tyler Christopher. 


Courtesy of Marvel

The new comic is subtitled "the good, the bad and the deadly!", which certainly plays into the neo-western vibe that Harrelson's Beckett seems to give off. Based on the cover, we are going to venture that the book will include Solo enemy Enfys Nest, as well as Val (Thandie Newton) and Rio Durant (Jon Favreau), whose outlines can be seen.

The official official synopsis makes it clear that Beckett taught Han Solo everything he knows, before asking who exactly Enfys Nest is, aside from being “one of the galaxy’s most dangerous and brutal marauders.” The fierce warrior has a grudge against Beckett, and the story promises that we’ll find out why, as we meet a scoundrel who “has gamed star system after star system, but at a cost that no heist can make up for.”

It sounds like Enfys Nest is gonna have a little issue with Beckett in the new movie, and this book will give us a hint of why that is. Perhaps Nest didn't like the last Hunger Games movie and wants his credits back... he strikes us as a major cinephile. 

This is not the first time that Marvel is hitching a comic title to one of the films — for Solo alone, Marvel will also be releasing a young Lando/L3-37 title. It attached two spin-off titles to Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Storms of Crait and DJ: Most Wanted), and all of this is in addition to the large number of ongoing Star Wars titles already out there. With new installments of Star Wars, Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, and Poe Dameron coming all the time (as well as the comic adaptations of Last Jedi and the excellent Thrawn novel), it is a great time to be a fan of comics set in the galaxy far, far away. 

Star Wars: Beckett #1 will hit the stands on Aug. 15, and Solo: A Star Wars Story finally docks tomorrow. Better buckle up, baby! 

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