Worf of Starfleet parody trailer is the Trek spinoff we've always wanted

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Mar 3, 2014

If you though Jordan Belfort was a crazy risk-taker, just wait until you meet the Son of Mogh.

The Wolf of Wall Street came up empty at the Oscars this year, and we know the real reason why -- it didn't star Michael Dorn as Worf.

That's right. You can leave DiCaprio at the bottom of the ocean for all we care, if Marty Scorsese wanted to capture the life of a true badass, he should have put his focus on the toughest Klingon of them all. And this video is the proof.

"You're out-manned, you're out-gunned, you're out-equipped. What else have you got?"


How it is that The Next Generation didn't dedicate more time to Worf, I'll never know. Thank goodness Deep Space Nine was smart enough to bring him on later.

(via Kotaku)

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