Watch geek wannabe work out issues in 'Geek Therapy' (video)

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

Imagine a world where geekiness was a desired trait and non-geeks aspired to become more like us. This one web series does. And it's pretty hilarious.

In the "Geek Therapy" series, uploaded by YouTube collective Comediva, a tough-love therapist helps people with their geek issues. (Although the series was made in 2011, it was only recently uploaded.) In this segment, one patient gets her GQ ("geek quotient") tested. The writers didn't just go geek for that one ... they went deep geek. We sat and watched in full facepalm mode.

If you liked that one—and who doesn't like references to Tom Servo—you might want to catch this segment, where the therapist help a man who tries to show off his geek cred by referencing The Last Starfighter when he doesn't actually know it. And then came the Firefly references.

Check it out.

Via GeeksAreSexy.