World War Z author's vamps-vs.-zombies comic Extinction Parade coming to TV

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Apr 24, 2014, 12:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Though it took a few years of bouncing through development hell, plus a mountain of rewrites and reshoots, Max Brooks' hit novel World War Z finally made it to the big screen in 2013. Here’s hoping his next project happens a little faster.

Brooks has signed a deal with Legendary Television and Digital (Pacific Rim, Godzilla) to develop his new vampire horror comic Extinction Parade as a television series. Brooks will likely produce the series if it's picked up, and he's currently writing the pilot, according to Bleeding Cool.

The comic launched in 2013 on Avatar Press. It follows the decline of a vampiric ruling class as they fail to respond to a zombie virus wiping out their main food supply. The highbrow book is said to dig into issues about the environment and self-preservation, and it's beautifully illustrated (and quite violent).

Here’s what Avatar Press Publisher William Christensen had to say about the project:

“Max Brooks is a visionary with an incredible ability to tell stories that deliver a fresh approach to the horrors that haunt our nightmares.  His work on Extinction Parade has been a stunningly rich tapestry of cultures in decline and a biting indictment of the perils of privilege.  It will make the perfect television series to appeal to fans who have until now settled for thinly veiled soap operas parading as horror.”

We’re psyched to hear Brooks will have such a key role in the series' development, especially after his stellar novel World War Z was turned into something utterly unrecognizable on the big screen. Yes, the movie was pretty good — but anyone who has read the book will tell you it wasn’t World War Z. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do when given some creative control.

This project is obviously in the early stages of development, but in a world where The Walking Dead can pull in 15+ million viewers per week, you’d think there’s room for a few more horror hits on the schedule. Our best guess: It’d be a good fit on cable somewhere, maybe FX or even HBO, because it’s pretty brutal.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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