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World’s last Blockbuster already welcoming tourists from 'cool' Captain Marvel cameo

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Mar 6, 2019, 2:44 PM EST

One of the most endangered species is now down to its final specimen. That’s right, there’s only one Blockbuster video store left in the world — but it sure does think that Captain Marvel’s shoutout is great.

The ‘90s nostalgia staple suffered a major blow just a few days before the MCU film honoring its place in pop culture launched into theaters. According to the AP, an Australian Blockbuster in Perth suburb Morley will close at the end of March, leaving only a single store representing the brand. “We put in a pretty good effort to be the last one in Australia, I suppose, but it was going to happen eventually and now is the time,” co-owner Lyn Borszeky told the Australian Associated Press.

Aussie fans, or those willing to make the trip, can snatch up Blockbuster artifacts during the store’s closing sale, starting on March 8. With the Morley store gone, the only remaining Blockbuster is in Bend, Oregon — and Inverse reached out.

Manager Dan Montgomery is now in charge of the final beacon of heyday home movie rental — which is not to discount indie video stores, but mourn the death of renting’s ubiquity. Though, Montgomery isn’t mourning anything. It’s business as usual, even if business now means becoming a bit of a nerdy tourist hotspot.

“With only one being left, it’s cool to know that we’re remembered,” Montgomery told Inverse, “that the Blockbuster name isn’t dead. I had someone come in here and they brought in a Captain Marvel comic and had me sign the cover of it just because of that one reference. So we think it’s very cool.” That said, business now involves a mix of traditional video rental and a newfound gig as a tourist attraction. A Stan Lee-like cameo in a Marvel movie is just extra. And as for its continued lifespan?

“As long as people keep coming through the door, we’ll keep the doors open,” Montgomery said. “We have no plans on closing the location.”

Raise a glass to humanity’s last Blockbuster when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8.