World's luckiest 3-year-old gets real Spidey for Xmas in adorable vid

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Do you have some vague memory of what it was like to be a 3-year-old? If you do, then you might recall the desire to have things that were simultaneously awesome and impossible to get. This is never more true than on Christmas, unless, of course, you have the coolest parents ever, which this one kid absolutely does.

All this young lad wanted for the holidays was Spider-Man. Not a Spider-Man action figure or a DVD, a drawing or a comic. He wanted the real thing. We're not sure if he actually believed he'd get it, but Santa came through and made it happen, which we're sure makes this kid the luckiest little dude alive.

How old are you? Older than 3, we'd wager. You're still a little jealous, though, aren't you? That's okay. We are, too.

(via Laughing Squid)