Worried about World War Z? New writer Drew Goddard says chill out

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Dec 17, 2012

It seems like it's just been one problem after another for the big-screen adaptation of Max Brooks' novel World War Z, but now one of the new writers brought in to fix it has opened up about the project. So what does Drew Goddard think? That we all just need to chill out and take a breath.

Cabin in the Woods writer Goddard, who was called in along with Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof, is rewriting what is apparently a train wreck of a final act in the Brad Pitt project (It's gotten so bad that Pitt isn't even talking to director Marc Forster anymore).

But, after reading the script and seeing what's been shot, Goddard says tweaks like this are fairly common in the film industry. He told Collider:

"I think a lot of that got blown out of proportion. It really was like, they asked me to come look at the movie and give ideas on how to help, and that's what happened. That happens all the time, I don't know why this got blown up with World War Z and it suddenly became a big thing. It's the sort of thing that happens with screenwriters all the time where you give your ideas on what could help, you write some scenes for people... I feel bad for the sort of magnifying glass that that movie's under because this is just a normal part of the process, this is just what happens... My involvement was just watch the movie, give some ideas, write some scenes that might help, ADR, just sort of fill in stuff, which is what I did."
Though he wouldn't say much about what he saw, Goddard did seem cautiously optimistic about the finished product:
"Out of respect for the filmmakers, I don't want to say too much about World War Z, just because I owe it to them to let it come out as they want. What I will say is that some of the stuff I saw was mind-blowing."

What do you think? Can World War Z be saved?

(Via Collider)