WOW! The extended edition for The Hobbit will have nearly 9 hours of extras!

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Jul 31, 2013, 10:12 AM EDT

Feeding off of the extended Lord of the Rings releases, The Hobbit is also due for a serious special edition.

Just because Peter Jackson has already incorporated many Tolkien appendices to make The Hobbit into three films doesn't mean there won't be even longer Blu-ray and DVD releases. So if you're one of the many Middle-earth fans who long for the most complete version of each and every story, there's great news, which comes directly from Jackson himself.

I’m thrilled that the Extended Edition will give fans the opportunity to experience certain key scenes in the film as they were originally shot, as well as an abundance of special features. It’s exciting to present this expanded and enriched version of An Unexpected Journey to allow fans to fully immerse themselves in the movie, before seeing the second part of the trilogy.

While there's been no official announcement as to how much longer the extended version will be, we do know that there will be almost nine hours' worth of bonus content, which will include commentaries, features and in-depth looks into every aspect of film production.

The extended edition is due out Nov. 5. So tell us -- are you going to pick it up, or is The Hobbit already too long?

(via Bleeding Cool)