Wrap yourself around Boom!'s new Tony Millionaire Sea Monsters coloring book

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:05 AM EDT (Updated)

If you love old-fashioned finned or tentacled sea monsters of all varieties, your frayed nerves will embrace this relaxing and therapeutic adult coloring book presented by Boom! Studios, showcasing the nautical cartoon art of Tony Millionaire.

Arriving this September, it's appropriately titled Tony Millionaire's Sea Monsters Coloring Book.

The insanely talented author, illustrator, and cartoonist is best known for wearing flamboyant leisure suits or a ruffled old tuxedo and creating the syndicated comic strip Maakies, a line of Sock Monkey comics, the graphic novels Uncle Gabby and Billy Hazelnuts, and the animated Adult Swim cartoon The Drinky Crow Show, centered on an alcoholic crow and his horny monkey sidekick.


With the adult coloring book craze hitting all corners of the pop culture universe, including titles for The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Outlander, and The Walking Dead, it seems another title to display one's amateur artistic talents would be lost at sea.

But this absorbing new collection of sea monster illustrations from Boom!'s Archaia imprint will inspire you to pull out your crayons, colored pencils, or magic markers and bring these exotic ocean-dwelling creatures to life.

According to the official description, the coloring book will feature "40 black and white illustrations with spyglass-like detail as you encounter everything imaginable above and below the high seas along with a couple of special guest land-lubbers."


SYFY WIRE chatted with Millionaire (real name: Scott Richardson) about growing up in New England, his fascination with monsters below the surface, and what slimy beast is his all-time favorite. Anchor your imagination with our exclusive talk, then check out the wild preview images in the full gallery below.

How did you arrive at this sea monster adult coloring book project for Boom! and what can fans anticipate with the stylish art?

Tony Millionaire: I started drawing sea monsters from a guy who hired me to draw them for a mural in his Baltimore restaurant. I kept the originals and posted them online and they sold really quickly, so I drew lots more. There also lots of drawings I've done of myself as various superheroes (the self-portrait I did of myself as Wonder Woman is worth the price of the book). Some other drawings in the book are just drawings I did because I was having fun. Crazy-looking Porky Pig etc. The style is similar to my Maakies drawings for Drinky Crow, I let myself go and drew as wacky drawings as I could think of.


What is it about sea monsters that captivates you?

I grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and my grandparents were Fine Artists who drew and painted lots of seascapes, fishing boats, schooners, etc. My grandfather specialized in pen and ink, and he taught me a lot. He loved comics; he was good friends with Roy Crane and Les Turner, who created Captain Easy in the '40s. So I loved drawing ships and schooners and comics, and what comes next? Sea monsters!


What are your favorite sea monsters in film, TV, comics, or video games?

I loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea when I was a kid, and since then every time I see a giant squid attacking a ship, I freeze frame and get a photo. I also love all that art about giant squids attacking ships and sperm whales, because that never happens. No squid has ever attacked a ship, they run away, and when you see a squid and a sperm whale, the squid is losing. It's food.

Were you an avid colorer as a kid, and do you still partake in the pastime?

My mom was an artist, and she forbade any coloring books in our house. I remember her saying, "If you want to color a drawing, draw it first."

So my advice from my mommy is: Do not buy this book!