Wrath of the Titans production notes reveal a TDKR cameo we wanted

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Dec 16, 2012

We had an inkling that a certain character that factored heavily into Batman Begins could make a return appearance in The Dark Knight Rises—but nothing official has come out. Until now.

Thanks to, of all things, the production notes for the upcoming Wrath of the Titans, we now know that Liam Neeson is officially in The Dark Knight Rises. We'd heard it was likely he would be back, but this is the first actual confirmation to leak out.

Neeson portrays Batman's old mentor and recent enemy Ra's Al Ghul, who will apparently return in some capacity (flashbacks, perhaps, since he seemed dead at the end of Batman Begins?) for the final installment of Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Neeson plays Zeus in Wrath, and his official film bio notes: "Neeson next appears in Peter Berg's actioner Battleship, and he also will be seen in Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated action thriller The Dark Knight Rises."

He first appeared in Batman Begins and helped train Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne in the sneaky art of the League of Shadows. But when Ra's Al Ghul let him in on the plan to destroy a corrupt Gotham City, the two became enemies.

Sound off: What do you think about the casting news? Are you looking forward to more Ra's Al Ghul on the big screen?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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