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Wreck-It-Ralph projected to wreck Creed II, everything else at Thanksgiving box office

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Nov 1, 2018, 2:34 PM EDT

Wreck the internet? What about the box office? For the animated sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet, there’s nothing but good signs as he heads online...unfortunately for his Thanksgiving weekend competitors. Creed II and Robin Hood will likely fall to the video gaming powerhouse as the latter brings out all the big guns (and several Disney princesses) to dominate the cinematic dollars over the holiday.

According to Deadline, Wreck-It Ralph’s second foray into the virtual world should be another big win for Disney. It’s tracking for a $65 million long weekend (Wednesday through Sunday) while the sequel to the Ryan Coogler Rocky sequel looks to earn $48 million during the same run (which is still a respectable opening for a mid-budget drama).

As for Robin Hood? Well, the latest reboot of the legendary hero is looking to rob considerably less from the rich and give to, well, its producers. It’s only tracking $17 million over the same period. Green Book, an awards hopeful starring The Lord of the Rings’ Viggo Mortensen and Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali, looks to land in the high single digits.

Ralph will likely dominate on its broad family appeal, as its first film had a killer opening and continues to be a multi-demographic offering from a studio with every resource available to promote it. That said, Creed II’s reintroduction of Ivan Drago — and his son — could be just the throwback older audiences need for the film to be competitive.

Poor Robin Hood on the other hand likely won’t match its predecessors from 2010 and 1991 in live-action dramatic Robin Hoodery. Instead, current predictions indicate that it may very well simply serve as a lesson in how much time needs to be taken in between remakes.

Robin Hood, Creed II, and Ralph Breaks the Internet battle it out in theaters on Nov. 21.