WTF: David Cronenberg turned down a Star Wars sequel?

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Dec 17, 2018, 10:00 PM EST (Updated)

With the rumor mill going nuts over who will or won't direct Star Wars VII, how about a blast from George Lucas' past—did you know David Cronenberg was offered one of the original Star Wars films?

Back in the early 1980s, Cronenberg (The Fly, Cosmopolis, Videodrome) was apparently approached by Lucas to direct a little something called Revenge of the Jedi. Sound vaguely familiar?

But, considering Cronenberg's unique, indie cred, he didn't think it'd be a good fit. He told Digital Spy:

"A long time ago I was approached for one second to do a Star Wars movie, which at that time was called Revenge of the Jedi and then it became Return of the Jedi. I was approached by Lucasfilm about that and it didn't take them long to realize that maybe that wasn't a good idea."
Cronenberg went on to discuss his thoughts on the franchise system, saying you sacrifice freedom for that massive budget:
"Well you're really restricted by the format that's been established - so for a really inventive or innovative director, that's being put in a straitjacket. And the visual style has been established and the characters have been cast - I mean, you're not involved in casting the leads, which is of course, for a director, a hugely important thing.

Alfonso Cuarón did one of the Harry Potter movies and imposed his own visual, long take, flowing style on it and it was reasonably successful that way. You can see it's interesting - you have a huge budget to work with and make more money than you would normally make, but you're pretty restricted. Cuarón could only be inventive in terms of the visual style as everything else was established. How satisfying can it be?"

How surreal would it have been to have Cronenberg behind the camera on Return on the Jedi? Could it have worked?

(Via Digital Spy)

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