WTF? This Japanese company sells their lube with the Enterprise in this weird ad

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Sep 27, 2013

The Federation may be a wondrous organization, but what do they do about rust or squeaky chairs, huh? Japan's got the answer.

Alright. Let's say you're the chief engineer of a starship and your lunatic captain has insisted, despite all logic, that you find a way to submerge the ship under the ocean of some alien world. There's probably all kinds of weird critters swimming around, foreign microbes galore, and, worst of all, the damned thing's going to rust!

Well don't you worry, Scotty, because Japanese celebrity, Shigeru Izumiya , with the use of Kure 5-56 is going to solve your little problem. And when he's done, he's going to take care of the captain's chair, too.

Let's go to the video tape!

Now that's how you advertise! Genuinely, if I need to prevent anything I own from rusting, this is where my hard-earned gold-pressed latinum is being spent. I'm not sure why Izumiya-san is gesturing towards the captain's chairlike he greased up the whole thing, but, if that's what Kirk's into, I say no harm, no foul.

(via Kotaku)

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