WTF? Study says Xbox owners make the best sex partners!

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Apr 5, 2013, 6:24 PM EDT

Yeouch! Right in the Wiimote!

Gaming may not be the most virile of habits, and often geeks of the console and PC playing variety get mocked for not being so hot at getting a date. But what's the real truth here? Accepting for a moment the shocking hypothesis that playing Call of Duty doesn't preclude all chances of pleasing when betwixt the sheets, the question becomes -- what kind of player, er ... plays best?

A study was conducted by VoucherCodesPro, and after polling 1,747 partners of gamers in the U.K., they were left with some fascinating results.

Apparently only 11 percent of gamers overall were considered "excellent" in bed, while 27 percent were "good," 26 percent were "average," and a distressing 20 percent were "below average." That's not exactly a stellar game-over-to-achievements-unlocked ratio.

But the breakdown on the study is where things start getting really interesting. According to the poll, Microsoft Xbox gamers were at 54 percent good or above, with 22 percent being considered excellent. That's a lot more than Wii players, who came in at 47 percent good. Sadly, only 3 percent of PC gamers were considered excellent.

No word on Playstation 3 owners, but we're going to assume they shouldn't be playing on hard mode anytime soon.

(via Metro)