WTF American Horror Story legal battle over creepy tattoo settled

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Dec 17, 2012

With the second season of FX's American Horror Story debuting Wednesday, the studio has quietly settled a lingering legal battle over the use of some distinctly creepy body art that showed up in the first year of the hit series.

Canadian model Rick Genest, aka "Zombie Boy," has been featured in a Lady Gaga video and is also a spokesperson for some cosmetic products.

Why is he nicknamed "Zombie Boy," you ask? Because he sports some extremely unique (and creepy) skeletal tattoos that are very hard to miss.

Genest's tats should look pretty familiar to fans of American Horror Story, as the character Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) painted his face in a similar style during a crucial flashback scene where he goes on a brutal killing spree at his high school.

A lawsuit was never filed by Genest, but he and the studio have been working for months to reach a settlement. Word broke today that the two sides have settled, but the terms were not released.

Whatever the deal, Genest seemed happy with it in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter:

"For complete clarity, I was not approached by Fox to license what I consider to be the use of my likeness or my copyrighted body art in American Horror Story. However, I understand that there was no intent to connect me with the character in their show and I am pleased that I have come to a resolution of this matter with Fox."
What do you think? Was the face paint similar enough to warrant a potential lawsuit?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)