WTF? Batman arrested in Michigan AND beaten up in Vegas? [Video]

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Dec 14, 2012

It ain't easy being Batman. Oh, sure, it sounds glamorous in theory. Dead parents, broken spine, psychotic archnemeses aplenty and a police department that's super-resentful of all the work you put into keeping Gotham safe ... but there's some real hardship in there, too.

Things get especially rough when you're not actually a comic-book character at all.

Take, for example, one Mark Williams of Petoskey, Mich. All he wanted to do was swing from the highest rooftops of his coastal town (there's probably one building that stretches six stories there, right?), but, oh, no. He was all dressed up for the party until the Petoskey PD had other plans in mind, namely arresting Williams for trespassing and carrying dangerous weapons.

Those weapons, by the way, were pepper spray, a collapsible baton and lead-lined gloves. What, no batarang? Now, there's a REAL crime for you.

Not to be outdone, another anonymous Batman on the streets of Vegas got into a tussle with an especially violent passerby. It starts out silly enough, but there's nothing funny about a repeated beating about the face. (All right, it was kind of funny. Seriously, try not to laugh watching the footage.)

Thank goodness for video phones, right?

There's an important lesson to be learned here: Only Batman can be Batman. And you? Are. Not. Batman.

(via The Daily Mail and The High Definite)