WTF is the weapon Vin Diesel's holding in this new Riddick pic?

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Dec 17, 2012

As work continues on editing and cutting Vin Diesel's latest sci-fi flick Riddick, the star has leaked yet another pic from the film. But what the heck is it that he's holding?

Diesel's shirtless Riddick seems to be holding some type of massive bone staff, likely crafted from one of the many creatures that will be hunting the Furyan in the latest Pitch Black sequel.

Along with the pic, Diesel offered an update on the film via his personal Facebook page.

"We are in post and I can't tell you how excited I am to see it manifest," he wrote. "You all were such a part of it becoming a reality ... willed it into being, so to speak."

The sci-fi action flick is already done filming, but Diesel recently let slip that it could be early 2013 before we get to see this thing on the big screen, due to studio scheduling.

Check out the new pic below:

(Via Facebook)