WTF Video of the Day: Brent Spiner mangles well-known sci-fi facts

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Dec 14, 2012

A couple of guys caught up with Brent Spiner at a recent con to get his autograph on a piece of original art that depicted Data wrestling with one of the aliens from Alien, and in the process got punked by a master. (At least we hope they got punked. Because if they didn't, we're suddenly very worried about Spiner.)

Mike Fisher and Keith Carter of The Successfully Unsuccessful Show tracked down Spiner at the Texas Comicon, and when they presented the Next Generation star with an illustration of the two sci-fi icons, he professed not to recognize the alien, acted confused while trying to remember who Ridley Scott was, and claimed Sigourney Weaver had starred in Black Hawk Down ... all with a straight face.

Watch the video below to check out what may be Spiner's greatest performance ever. (Please, dear God, let it be a performance!)

(via SF Signal)

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