Wynonna Earp 2.08 Recap: Pick up the pieces you've broken

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Jul 28, 2017

Warning: This post contains so many spoilers for the events of Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 8, "No Future in the Past." Proceed at your own risk.

Hoooooo boy. There's a LOT to unpack in this episode. This is becoming a common occurrence, it seems, as is the fact that every episode this season somehow tops the last.

During this week's episode, Wynonna goes on a vision quest to find the third seal before the Widows can get to it, WayHaught fights and breaks the hearts of everyone (because everyone ships them and if you don't you're lying), Wynonna dies, Bobo lives, and so much new information comes to light.

So, how about we break this down by what we've now learned. Sound good to you?

Waverly isn't an Earp

I think we kinda figured this one from the moment Bobo mentioned it last season, but now we finally have confirmation. Waverly was adopted. The big question now, of course, is who her are her parents? I mentioned in last week's recap that there were some subtle hints that she might be at least partly a revenant, but it's not like there are DNA markers for "demon" … are there?

Waverly's discovery of her parentage is the crux of her storyline in this episode, and the main source of conflict for her and Nicole. Apparently Waverly sent out her DNA test with a return address of Nicole's desk, and Nicole, ever the bad decision maker when it comes to protecting people, decided to hide the results from her. Oh, sweetheart. Have you met your girlfriend? This was never gonna go over well.

Speaking of Waverly …

Wynonna is the reason Bobo cares about Waverly

Our main story followed Wynonna's vision quest to find the third seal, which meant traveling back to the events surrounding the creation of all three. We'll get to that third seal in a minute, but the main character in all of this turns out to be Robert Svane, aka Bobo Del Rey. This is back when Robert and Wyatt were still friends, and we get to see, not only what kind of man he was before he became a revenant, but how he came to be at the wrong end of Wyatt's gun.

On top of that, we discover the origin of Bobo's near-obsession with the youngest Earp. All through the first season, there were mentions about how Bobo was Waverly's imaginary friend. We saw him be nice to her, at least as nice as a demon can be. The assumption was, of course, that Bobo was manipulating Waverly to get her to do things, like plant that talisman on the Homestead so the Seven could kill her dad, but it turns out it was a bit more than that.

As we discover, at the end of Wynonna's vision quest, and at the end of Robert's life, as they are both dying, he can suddenly see her. Being a God-fearing man, he assumes she is an angel and asks her her name so he can help her in the future, and she gives him Waverly's name.

Strangely, Waverly seems to have blocked all aspects of Bobo's involvement in her life out, because at the start of the episode we get a story about Willa tormenting Waverly on the ice, making her fall through, and Waverly is positive that Wynonna is the one who pulled her out when, in fact, it was Bobo.

Doc has the third seal

One of the biggest reveals was, of course, the fact that Doc is in possession of the third seal. Constance Clootie was smart enough to turn her wedding ring into the seal, give it the power to make someone immortal, and put it on Doc's finger before dumping him down the well. It guarantees that the wearer will protect it at all costs.

And we see evidence of that when Robert attempts to convince Doc to give it up. Doc chooses immortality over freedom and, by extension, dooms Robert to his demonic fate. Convincing Doc to give up the ring in order to protect or destroy it, whatever Wynonna's plan, is going to be extremely difficult. It's also probably going to make Doc the target of some serious Widow anger somewhere down the line.

Breaking all three seals brings back the Demon Clootie

I mean … do you need more analysis than that? We can all agree this would be bad, right? Right?

We can also all agree that Clootie is the least terrifying demon name. Well, maybe after Bobo.

The curse that keeps on giving

So you know how in Buffy when a Slayer dies, even for a second, it awakens the next one? Apparently the Earp curse is kinda like that, only all the vampires Buffy ever slayed also come back to life.

I've been wondering if they were gonna pull the "you died for like 77 seconds" thing at some point on this show as a means of resurrecting all the revenants to keep the story going, but I figured they'd save that until Season 3 or 4. Instead, we get that now. Wynonna dies for 77 seconds before being brought back to life thanks to some well-placed CPR, and as she lives, so too do the revenants she killed.

Bobo is alive anyway, having popped up out of the snow (like daisies!). Of course, we don't know whether this means ALL the revenants are alive, or if this was somehow an isolated resurrection. It sure would suck to have to kill the Seven again.

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