Wynonna Earp 2.9 Recap: What you said you'd never do

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Aug 4, 2017

Warning: If you have not seen Wynonna Earp, Season 2, Episode 9, the following recap contains many many spoilers. So many spoilers. All the spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

You've gotta love an episode that focuses so much on Waverly AND lets her do some stuff with characters other than Wynonna and Nicole. This week she gets to hang out with Rosita, because fighting with your girlfriend about DNA results she hid from you that prove you might not be an Earp and might actually be part demon is really hard.

But first up, how awesome were BOTH Earp sisters in the opening scene? Pregnant Wynonna doing a back handspring? Plus, I'm pretty sure this season is just running down the "special skills" section of Dominique Provost-Chalkley's resume.

But back to the episode, where we're dealing with the revelations of last week, and setting up some serious drama for next.

Wynonna has to find a way to ask Doc to give up his ring, and therefore his immortality, and her way of doing that is apparently with an inedible meal. She's not one for asking nicely. Instead, she takes the insults and accusations route, which is never gonna go over well with a guy like Doc. She's obviously a little hurt by the way she saw Doc react to the possibility of losing the ring in her vision quest, and has already decided he won't be open to giving it up easily. In his defense, it IS his immortality, or at least his longevity, and that can't be an easy thing to give up, especially when you live in a place like Purgatory and hang out with the Earps. And also you wear a ring that attracts demonic activity.


Eventually, though, he does give it up in a scene that kinda threw me off because that is a wedding ring and he got down on one knee to hand it to her, and baby or not we are definitely not there yet. I'm not sure how we all should be feeling about Wynonna's plan to break the seal herself and summon the demon Clootie to get this fight over with. On the one hand, she makes a good point that summoning him on their own terms puts them at an advantage and that his death may finally end the curse, but on the other, this seems like a really good way to get yourself killed.

Waverly, meanwhile, spends the episode fighting with Nicole, accidentally flirting with Rosita, and fending off the creeptastic advances of one Tucker Gardner. It was nice getting to see Waverly unwind a little before all hell broke loose once again. That girl has been under so much pressure this season, what with her demonic possession, and her identity crisis, and her demonic possession, and her girlfriend hiding things from her, and her demonic possession.


It was also really great to get that short moment between her and Rosita where they kiss, because it is just so rare to have more than one character on a show with a fluid sexuality. Even if that person is secretly a Revenant.

And speaking of secretly being a revenant, ROSITA IS A REVENANT. This should be more surprising than it is, but I guess it makes sense because everyone is a Revenant. But more than the fact that she is a Revenant, she's the first one we really, honestly like. I don't mean like how we liked Bobo because he was just generally awesome on screen, but Rosita is a nice person. She's been really helpful all season and has spent the last couple weeks trying really hard to fit in with everyone, and all the while she's been fully aware of the fact that eventually, Wynonna is going to have to shoot her in the face.

And speaking of faces, Beth and Mercedes are definitely missing theirs, but there's some good news for them since Wynonna has found them and might actually be able to keep Mercedes alive. Hopefully, she'll get her face back after all of this.

That face, of course, is still searching for the third seal, and her ring casting takes her to a very unexpected place: Nicole's house. Looks like Nicole is doomed to be endangered once again. Is there a bulletproof vest that protects you from Widow venom?


Random Thoughts:

Dolls attempting to give Rosita a spa gift card was hilariously awkward.

Children and dolls are ALWAYS creepy.

Dear Emily Andras, putting Nicole in danger all the time is mean and bad for my health.