Wynonna Earp 2.12 recap: Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:40 AM EDT (Updated)

Warning: I've warned you about spoilers all season long, so if you don't know not to continue reading unless you've seen the episode by now, I don't know if I can help you. Plus, this is a finale, so, you know, spoilers.

All right, Earpers. How are we feeling after that finale? Has your heart stopped racing? Have you composed yourself? Have you processed everything yet? No? Me neither. So let's process together, shall we? Now, if at any point you get too emotional and need something to make you feel better, I have prepared a post ranking every single WayHaught kiss (pre-finale) JUST for you. You're welcome.

There are so many things to talk about I'm not even sure in what order to attack them, so we're gonna jump around a little. Now ... on to the episode? Here we go.

Literal seconds into the episode and I already had a million thoughts running through my head. Like how Waverly immediately tracked down Bobo and the Widows alone, and dished out some choice insults before Wynonna showed up. Or how Wynonna is literally in labor and still walking around being a badass IN LEATHER PANTS. This woman is already my hero, but damn does this episode just boil all that down into Wynonna concentrate.


Speaking of this opening scene, I love two things: one, that the show has always assumed you were following along with Waverly's whole genetic hell, and never acts like you should be surprised that she assumes she's part revenant and that Bobo is her father (neither of which is apparently true); and two, that Wynonna and Waverly make up almost immediately following what would normally have been a fight that caused a rift between them until into Season 3. These girls would walk through fire for one another, literally, and Wynonna understands that when someone you love is dying, you make some really piss-poor decisions. Her baby sister isn't exempt from that.

And so much of this episode was about the Earp sisters and their relationship, and it was just so freaking beautiful. Among all the insanity. Even when the Earth is crumbling around them and no one knows which way is up anymore, these two will always have each other's back, will always be there to protect each other, and will always, always support the decisions the other makes, even when it hurts.

Like, for example, helping to whisk your sister's newborn baby away literal moments after she is born, despite the tears, despite the danger (or perhaps because of it), all because it's what you promised, and it is, ultimately, the right choice.


This is a relationship where Wynonna knows full well what her sister has been dealing with, even when she hasn't talked about it. She recognizes something in Bobo -- or really, in Robert -- that reminds her of her favorite person in the world, and she tells Waverly, even in the middle of labor, that it's okay, that it doesn't make her any less of an Earp.

This is a sisterhood that literally makes magic happen. When Wynonna is the most vulnerable she has ever been, and is being threatened by a pissed-off and frightened revenant they thought was their friend, it's the relationship that gives Waverly the power to pick up Peacemaker, even though she knows it won't work for her. It gives her the strength to believe that blood isn't what makes her an Earp. That love and connection makes it possible for her to shoot that gun, even though everything they've ever known tells them that shouldn't be possible. Or maybe it gives the gun whatever it needs to shoot on its own.


And let's talk about Waverly for a bit. She's spent this entire season worried about who she is and where she came from, and it all comes down to a horrible, terrifying moment at the edge of the Ghost River Triangle, standing there with her newborn baby niece and the woman she loves, stepping over a line that could very well kill both of them if they aren't purely human, and discovering that, whatever she is, Earp or not, she's not a demon. I gotta admit, I was 100% expecting the baby to be fine but for Waverly to burn. Then again, Bobo says she kin (not his, but somehow related to him), so who the hell knows what or who she'll eventually discover herself to be.

She will, however, need to fight off whatever creepy demon bride scenario Bobo has promised her into with the Demon Clootie, or whatever we're calling him now. With all of his wives dead, thanks to an intense and amazing bit of gunslinging by one Doc Holliday, Bobo has offered up his angel as his new bride. Something tells me that won't sit very well with Waverly. Or Wynonna. Or Nicole. She literally JUST got divorced herself, and you know demon divorces are probably a lot more difficult than human ones.


Then there's Wynonna, who does so much in this episode I don't know if I can properly describe it all. I've sung Melanie Scrofano's praises before, but this episode puts all of that to shame. This season, she has managed to bring us such a deep and rich view on this character who could so easily become a caricature in the wrong hands. We've seen Wynonna go through the entire gamut of emotions, seen her fight demons, fight friends, lose loved ones, face down betrayal and loss and love, and do it all while pregnant. This was a perfect cap on an incredible season, and so much of that has to do with Scrofano's performance (with no small amount of praise going to the show's amazing writing staff).

During this episode, we see Wynonna hit the lowest point she has all season, exposed and vulnerable and terrified, and it only makes her fight harder. She makes choices no mother ever wants or should have to make, and through all of that was more concerned for her sister and the people she loved and how they would be affected than she was for herself. She faces all that down and comes out the other side more determined than ever to take on what is coming.


And then there's that capper, that last moment where we discover that Wynonna has been keeping a secret of her very own for what seems like an awfully long time. She's in contact with her mother. Not only does she know where she is, but she's close enough that Wynonna can get there easily on her motorcycle. And more than that, her mother has been talking to her about what's coming, she warned Wynonna that the demon would rise. Wynonna knew what was coming, and never let on for a moment that she might have outside information. The number of questions this brings up is staggering. How long has she known about her mother? How long has she known about Clootie? What else does her mother know? And what will Waverly think when she finds out what her sister has been keeping from her?

There are things I think can and will be said about the rest of the cast in this episode, but the crux of this story relied so heavily on these two sisters that I almost don't want to talk at too much length about the others. About how great it is to see that the relationship between Nicole and Wynonna has advanced to a point where they really are friends, where Wynonna trusts her above all the others to do the hardest thing and find a way to keep her baby safe, even though it means taking her away from her parents and the rest of her family. I want to talk a little about how amazing Doc is in this episode, letting Wynonna make that decision even though it breaks his heart to, about how protective he is of Waverly, about how he's able to work with Jeremy and Dolls to take on Bobo, trapping him in that well that held him for so long. About Rosita, and how I kind of don't blame her for how she reacted after Wynonna treated her exactly as she always assumed she'd be treated (even if stealing someone's baby is really not okay). About what the hell Doc and Wynonna thought would happen if he hadn't been able to split that bullet and take out both wives.


There are things to be said about all of this, about all of these people, these characters, this family. But I'm not going to say them all right now. It would take too long and I'm not sure I've even got all the right words. But they will be back next season for more adventures and heartbreak and hilarity, and hopefully so will I.

Random Thoughts:

I'm sure there's something to be said about the fact that Doc went to hell when he died, but it seems like we'll have to wait until next year to really understand it.

Rosita didn't get sucked into hell and the gun definitely glowed blue instead of yellow, which is what it did when Wynonna show Willa. So ... what happened exactly? Is she cured? That would be cool. Despite her attempts at baby stealing, I don't want Rosita to go away.

Does Jeremy have super powers? I really hope Jeremy has super powers.

Did that bit with Nicole and Clootie's ring make anyone else really uncomfortable? Just me? Okay.

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