Wynonna Earp 2.6 recap: Face down in the pillow

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Jul 14, 2017

Warning: This is a TV Recap and if you haven't figured it out by now, these things are full of spoilers. If you haven't watched Wynonna Earp's "Whiskey Lullaby" episode yet, proceed at your own risk.

There are a lot of ways to handle the fallout from last week's "Wynonna is pregnant shocker," and I honestly think they've handled it remarkably well. Obviously, the fallout is going to continue for weeks to come, but I like that they kind of ripped the band-aid off and forced Wynonna to deal with telling everyone.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, since the pregnancy stuff doesn't really pick up until much later in the episode. We start with confirmation that Black Badge is out of the picture. They're not gone, but they've cut all ties with Dolls and his team. Jeremy seems to be the only one worried that this means he can't eat anymore since he's just lost his job, but whatever, we have bigger problems, because the creepy Widows are eating a priest's face, and that's just not kosher.

There's a really quick, really cute scene between Wynonna, Waverly and Nicole, and I'm hoping that means we're at the "everybody's friends now" stage of this relationship, because I kinda love scenes between Nicole and Wynonna, and I want more of them. I want more Nicole in general, but I'm selfish and her new uniform is very cute. I do miss the hat, though.

For all their clergical face chomping, the Widows do bring us a pretty great demon. Hypnos is apparently a clock maker, and he lives in a house out of Alice's nightmares, but he also, as his name suggests, can give them time to find the second seal by sending everyone into a coma for several weeks, while making it seem as though time hasn't passed at all.

I want to take a quick aside to mention that Tucker makes the most ridiculous-looking bad guy ever.


Wynonna manages to fight off the slumber, thanks to Peacemaker -- which doesn't help my concern over how much of a brain that gun seems to have -- and discovers that they've been out for a while. Not only is everything covered in a fine layer of dust, but she is a whole lot more pregnant than she was a few minutes ago. This whole thing makes me wonder how no one starved or got dehydrated or how a whole lot of other bodily functions happened, but I guess that gets explained away a little later, so I'm not gonna dwell.

Anyway, Wynonna wakes up Dolls and then Waverly, who is almost as freaked out by the whole thing as Wynonna. And then they all split up to find Doc and enough stimulants to keep them all awake.

What this whole situation really does, beyond allowing them to stop hiding how far along Melanie Scrofano actually was while filming, is, like I said, force Wynonna to face up to the fact that she's pregnant. She could deny it when you couldn't tell, but when you're about four months along, it becomes pretty difficult to pretend nothing's happening. Nicole finds out first, then Dolls. Doc is the last to learn of his impending daddy-hood, and everyone takes it very differently.

Nicole is more discrete than anything. Doesn't ask a bunch of questions beyond wondering if Waverly knows, and then gets right back to business. Dolls find out next, and he's kinda pissed, which is a little annoying. He had all these ideas about what he and Wynonna were going to be, and her being pregnant kinda throws a fetus-shaped wrench into those plans.


The dudes are especially dude-like this week. Before everyone is supernaturally roofied, Doc and Dolls have this whole weird conversation where they essentially both stake their claim over Wynonna without being so up front about that being the actual topic of conversation. Then, when Dolls finds out about Wynonna's condition, he immediately starts treating her with kid gloves, which she thankfully shuts down immediately. And then he gets annoyed because this, as he puts it, "changes everything." I know he's trying not to be mad at her about this, but it still irks me that he's so hurt by the situation. It only changes things for you, dude. Wynonna was always going to make her own decisions. You don't factor in as much as I'm sure you'd like to.

Then there's Doc, who spends a part of the episode talking about how he's "not the settling down type" while also having the aforementioned measuring contest with Dolls. He's actually the only one that Wynonna gets the chance to tell about the baby, and he reacts pretty well, all things considered, asking Waverly to deliver a note to Wynonna that says he's "all in."

Speaking of Wynonna, Melanie Scrofano is really bringing her A-game this season. There are a lot of really subtle choices, but just watching her take Wynonna through these paces, dealing with all this crap that's come up is really impressive. I cannot wait to see what they do with her for the second half of the season.

Back in the plot parts of the episode, we discover that the second seal was hidden at Shorty's. Waverly, Doc and Jeremy all make a valiant attempt to protect it from the Widows, but the Widows have some kind of ice breath that knocks everyone out. The second seal is broken, but Wynonna shows up just in time to shoot one of the Widows in the shoulder.


Also getting shot in the shoulder this week is Tucker Gardner, who has kidnapped Hypnos' Poppy (more on her in a second) and taken her back to the homestead, because he's a borderline serial killer who has a fixation on Waverly and EW! Nicole gets the chance to shoot him and splatter blood all over her girlfriend's wall before he jumps out the window out of fear. I don't think he's dead -- cockroaches have a way of surviving -- but that was a bit cathartic. Turns out, he'd discovered the Stone Witch buried out in the salt flats and cut off her head. The Widows, as it seems, needed her for something, so they're none too pleased, and given their penchant for face eating, I'd probably have jumped out the window too.

Now, here's the thing about Poppy that's really interesting. She's Hypnos' daughter. They don't dwell on it much, so I won't either, but there has to be a reason we're discovering that Revenants can procreate. I'm just saying, Waverly's parentage is still up in the air.

We end absolutely perfectly, with another incredible performance from Scrofano. Wynonna's finally facing this pregnancy head on and it's overwhelming. It's another thing the universe has thrown at her, and she really doesn't think she can do it. I talked yesterday about how Wynonna really doesn't have a very high opinion of herself, and this is another example of that. She's not so much worried about BEING pregnant as she is about the fact that she's gonna have to be a parent.

This episode just hit so many amazing notes, and hit them so dead-on perfect. Writing in an actor's pregnancy can be really hit or miss, and while it's still early, I have to admit that Wynonna Earp is really hitting it out of the park.

Random Thoughts:

I would be remiss if I didn't point my finger at the one really excellent WayHaught scene in this episode. Not just because they're adorable and I love them and I promised to inject more gay into these recaps, but also because I like that they took the time to have Nicole check in with Waverly post-possession and allay her fears about having slept with her girlfriend while she was possessed. I'm also glad that Waverly seems to have been in control MOST of the time they were together (that kiss at the school is up in the air) because I don't know how Nicole would feel about sleeping with a demon.

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