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Season One of Wynonna Earp ended with a gate to hell being inadvertently opened up, and some unwanted visitors from the other side pouring into Purgatory. So naturally, Season Two opens with Wynonna, Waverly and Doc closing said gate, and vanquishing said demons in said town of Purgatory. Of course, there's always room for error, and one of the demons, called a Mictian, happens to slip into Waverly's mouth, possess her, and make her act very unlike herself. We'll catch up with that one shortly.

Wynonna Earp fans raise over $12k for GLAAD Spirit Day campaign

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Never doubt the power of fans, especially when that power is used for good.

This week's dose of fandom positivity is brought to you by none other than Wynonna Earp, whose fans rallied together big time as part of their annual Spirit Day campaign. Established in 2010 by the GLAAD organization, Spirit Day began as a way to show support for LGBTQ youth and oppose bullying against the community in the wake of several gay teen suicides. Since then, the day - which occurs annually on October 20 - is typically commemorated by advocates wearing purple or indicating purple on their social media profile, a color which represents spirit on the rainbow flag.

Heading into its third season, Wynonna Earp (which currently airs on SYFY and Space) has amassed glowing reviews from both critics and fans for positive LGBTQ representation on-screen - and it's no surprise that those who have supported the show the loudest are also its strongest cheerleaders for positive change.

When campaign organizers Bridget Liszewski (editor-in-chief of The TV Junkies), Bonnie Ferrar and Kevin Bachelder (co-hosts of the Tales of the Black Badge podcast) set their goal for 2017, they only expected to raise about $1500. However, the fandom (which has dubbed itself "Earpers") also prides itself on having a reputation of "No Chill," so it makes total sense that they'd unleash that same lack of chill on raising money for a good cause.

There were giveaway prizes as donation incentives, of course, but then the Wynonna Earp writers decided to get involved with a special season three prize for one lucky fan too after the campaign hit a specific target amount:

When we spoke to Liszewski, Ferrar and Bachelder about their fundraising efforts, they basically confirmed our previous suspicions about the awesomeness of the Earper fandom.

"We started the Spirit Day 2017 campaign for GLAAD as a way to use the power of fandom for good. Wynonna Earp fans pride ourselves on using our collective “polite no chill” for good and a campaign against bullying seemed like an ideal candidate for that. Inclusivity and kindness are some of the core Earper values, and given that many Wynonna Earp fans are also a part of the LGBTQ community, we undertook this Spirit Day campaign hoping to raise a few dollars for a cause many could relate to," they said.

"However, the response that we received from fans all over the world was beyond anything we could have imagined. Thanks to support from showrunner Emily Andras and her writers, Earpers banded together to raise over $12,000, far surpassing any initial goals we had set. We are so thankful to be a part of a fandom that realizes the power of being kind, compassionate and generous. Earpers continually prove to be a bright spot and show how kindness is not only contagious, but it can make this world a better place."

As of this posting, the Wynonna Earp fans have raised over 800% of their initial fundraising goal, and both GLAAD and Andras took time on Twitter to thank the fandom for all their efforts:

The Wynonna Earp fandom also successfully funded a campaign for GLAAD in June around the date of the show's season two premiere, which fell within LGBT Pride Month.

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