Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 2 is gooey, y'all

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Jun 16, 2017

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't seen Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 2, "Shed Your Skin," or don't want to know what happened, turn away now. Or, y'know, go watch and come back so we can talk about it.

Any episode that starts with Wynonna and Doc naked in the shower already has my attention. How about you? I mean, sure, they touched the goo, and as Agent Lucado so helpfully reminds us, they should "never touch the goo" (AHEM, Waverly), but it's still naked in the shower. Together.

Speaking of goo, tip a hat for Jesus, aka the poor guy who had a very bad day in the port-a-potty* and became BBD's newest case –– one that Nicole has to hand off due to no longer being a deputized BBD agent, which makes her none too happy. You know it's bad when Waverly can't even get a smile out of her.

Also unable to smile, Agent Lucado is getting Team Earp settled back in at the station. For all the orders she's barking, she's just as ready to get out of there as we are to see her go. But that means we need results, and results is demon killing.

Goo in a port-a-potty plus a disappearance and the hunt for demons sends Wynonna to check out the job site, and we meet Mercedes Gardner. How weird is it to meet someone from your past who has things like "sleeping with half the school" in common with you, but is also nothing like you? I'll bet that's pretty weird. What we do learn is that Mercedes is back to buy up and regentrify Purgatory. Regentrify for who, exactly? Hipsters** who think the town's name is ironic?

How many shows have honest-to-goodness sibling heart-to-hearts over cocoon egg dissection, d'you think? Watching Wynonna and Waverly talk through their concerns in the middle of the eggtopsy was sweet. That said, I'm pretty sure we all knew spiders were involved from the webbing and the cocoon, so I'm honestly confused by the surprise. But I guess when you're trying to kill demons to get out of a blood oath, you can get a little distracted. And Lucado has a specimen. Take the win.

Meanwhile, Doc is now the proud owner of Shorty's. He's got himself a new ... Rosita, and he's the subject Jeremy's massive mancrush. Ah, Jeremy, you're a delight, but falling in love with Doc Holliday is always more complicated than one might believe. It's cute, though. I also love Doc's casual acceptance of Wynonna and Waverly's nighttime bonfire. Wynonna's convinced Willa's haunting her and Waverly's dealing with a) the possibility that she's not an Earp and b) learning that Willa hated her. Whether it really is Willa haunting Wynonna or not, letting go of her museum of a room and a fire purification ritual can't hurt. Maybe it'll give them both a little peace.

The alcohol consumption at said ritual, however, leads to a hard conversation between Wynonna and Doc, both of whom are dealing with a lot more than they're able to discuss with each other. Wynonna doesn't want to be a leader, and Doc doesn't want to be a sucker, and both of them have feelings for each other, but they both have a relationship with Dolls that makes things more than a tad complicated.

One thing we know about Doc, though. No matter how wounded he is, he'll always find his way back to that smooth, sexy, serene gunslinger when someone tries to play him, and Lucado learns that message the hard way. Can you imagine her disappointment? There she is throwing all that seduction and Doc's like "Yeah, no."

Oh, and the spider they found? You knew it wasn't the creature, right? Because you knew we weren't done. There had to be more creatures and goo and webs and smashing. So, what's inside the demon crack to Hell? Thoughts?

I know what you're thinking right now. Why are you talking about all this other crap when WayHaught went all the way?!? I know. I know! But it feels too ... special ... to talk about much. I'm thrilled and they're wonderful and it was handled perfectly and yay representation and love and see why I didn't talk about it much? Feeeeeeelings.

Suffice it to say, there's a lot going on and there's a lot to come. One thing Wynonna never lacks is a variety of things going in unexpected directions. Like, say, Waverly taking a bite out of that spider.

I think I'm gonna barf.

Random Thoughts:

Best line of the episode: "You wore suede? What is it, your first day?"

Rosita is definitely more than she seems.

Mercedes' brother and sister sound ... nice.

One final thought:

We still don't know what's inside Waverly. But whatever it is, it's not good. Like, at all.

See you next week?


*Thank you to Emily Andras for renewing my irrational fear of using those things because I'm worried about monsters in the goo.

**No actual Hipsters were harmed in the writing of this recap.