Exclusive: Wynonna Earp fights off the demon patriarchy in Season 3 trailer

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Jun 10, 2018, 5:55 PM EDT (Updated)

Earpers rejoice! During tonight's Wynonna Earp panel at the Austin Television Festival (ATX), showrunner Emily Andras and several of our favorite cast members debuted a brand-new trailer for the upcoming third season of the series, and we've got your very own exclusive look right here.

The trailer is packed full of juicy tidbits that simultaneously tell us everything and nothing about what is to befall our merry band of misfits. Let's see if we can break down a few of those, shall we?

First off, things don't look great for our heroes. In fact, they look a little downright scary. We know at the end of last season that the actions of Wynonna and her friends awoke the Demon Clootie and he's probably going to be the biggest cause of all their troubles in this upcoming season, but does he appear in the trailer? There is an ominous figure who pops up a few times, an older gentleman. Could he be the face of the demon? 

Meanwhile, since Bobo so generously offered Waverly up to Clootie as his new bride in last year's finale, things could be going sour for her this year. There are a couple moments where Waverly seems to be in a particular amount of peril, once hanging by her hands in a barn of some kind, and once being dragged through bloody snow screaming for her sister. We don't know that Clootie is the one responsible for her kidnapping, but it stands to reason he'll be gunning for her just as badly as he is for the Earp heir.

We also get our very first look at Megan Follows as Mama Earp, looking particularly frazzled herself and wielding Peacemaker, but no indication as to what the Earp family reunion is going to look like, or whether it will drive a wedge between the Earp sisters.

Things aren't just death and destruction, though. The trailer also has plenty of the show's trademark humor, including what looks like an episode where Wynonna and Nicole are handcuffed together and forced to fight at least a few revenants. The relationship between the Earp heir and her sister's girlfriend has always been interesting, if not fully explored, so it will be great to see another hour of TV where the two are stuck together.

Speaking of WayHaught, it looks like they're still going strong. We've got our very first bit of smooching in the trailer, and plenty of shots of the dynamic duo walking around being awesome. Meanwhile, resident nerd and all-around precious cinnamon roll Jeremy is not only in attendance but seems to have brought along a Doc Holliday-inspired stache for the occasion. We'll see how long that lasts.

Wynonna Earp Season 3 premieres on Friday, July 20, on SYFY, but you can catch a special preview of the entire premiere episode on Monday, July 16, after Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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