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Exclusive: Wynonna Earp's Season 4 baddies will be a 'family' affair, showrunner says

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Jul 14, 2020, 3:55 PM EDT

While it looks like the Garden of Eden won't be holding Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) for long if the trailer for SYFY original Wynonna Earp's fourth season is anything to go by, the Earp family curse might not be entirely broken after all — even if there is a reunion in the sisters' future. Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) might've made headway over the last few years, but she's still on the back foot against the bad guys on the way in Season 4 and, according to the showrunner, they also have family on the mind.

Speaking on The Official Wynonna Earp Podcast, show creator Emily Andras explained that the season was all about family.

"'Fight for your family' is the most important thing," Andras says when asked to describe the season in a single phrase. "Family means so many things on this show." That's a common theme for Earpers, who've seen families both found and blood-related go through hell for each other.

Now, the Earp family curse was broken, Bulshar beaten, and Wynonna's trusty Peacemaker (passed down by Wyatt Earp) is gone. But there's still plenty of familial baggage on the way. In fact, the official synopsis reads that Wynonna will have to fight "her most diabolical, Earp-hating enemy yet," so that family fighting might have a few different meanings.

“When I said it was about family and I said we’d see all sorts of families this year, I would say that maybe that also applies to the villains,” Andras said. “And that’s a pretty big one, you guys.”

So are some of these baddies related to the Earps? Or perhaps to Waverly's dad, revealed in the Season 3 finale? Or are they perhaps a separate family-focused specifically on taking out the Earps? There're plenty of questions being raised here that fans can find out once Wynonna Earp's fourth season starts up later this month.

Wynonna Earp — which also stars Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, and Varun Saranga — premieres on SYFY on July 26, running until its mid-season finale on Sunday, August 30.