X-Files’ Chris Carter expects new sci-fi series The After to run a long, long time

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Jul 14, 2014, 1:07 PM EDT (Updated)

He’s been off the grid a while, but X-Files creator Chris Carter is back with a new sci-fi series at Amazon Studios — and he’s eyeing the long, long game from the start with this one.

Yes, we all know The X-Files rambled on for 200+ episodes, and well past its prime, but Carter is talking up his new series The After as a potentially long-running series that will take 99 episodes to tell the full scope of his mysterious story.

He’s apparently framing the show, which will follow a scattered group of connected strangers who must work together in the post-apocalypse, around Dante’s Inferno. The major point? The story is told in 99 cantos, and Carter told The Hollywood Reporter he’s using that as his model.

It’s nice to know Carter has the series mapped out to such an extensive degree, but we’re anxious to see if Amazon is actually willing to keep a series around that long (or a fraction of that time). Plus, those dreadful final few seasons of The X-Files have shown us Carter can get a little off the rails if given too long a leash. But regardless, we’re psyched to see him back in the genre.

Carter said the story will be a genre mashup, though they’ll mine a lot of the series “from the group dynamic and from the supernatural, if you will. I've always resisted the science fiction label, but there's a significant number of science fiction in this.”

The expansive cast includes Adrian Pasdar, French actress Louise Monot, Sharon Lawrence, Aldis Hodge, Arielle Kebbel, Jamie Kennedy, Andrew Howard, Jaina Lee Ortiz and Sam Littlefield. The first, eight-episode season of The After is set to debut in 2015.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)