X-Files 20th anniversary Comic-Con reunion: Sex scenes, movie plans + more!

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Jul 19, 2013, 6:49 PM EDT

After 20 years, fans aren't the only ones who still want to believe in The X-Files.

Members of the show's cast and crew -- including creator Chris Carter and stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny -- gathered at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday for a reunion panel to discuss their favorite moments from the show, the relationship between Scully and Mulder, the possibility of a third film (yes, they're still really into it) and some trivia that even the most die-hard fans might not know. Unfortunately, there are a lot of X-Files fans out there who couldn't witness this historic gathering (including us), so for our own little celebration of the show's 20th anniversary, we gathered some of our favorite quotes from recaps of the panel right here, covering everything from a Scully-and-Mulder sex scene to the new X-Files comics. 

A Scully/Mulder sex scene exists: Much like the truth, Gillian Anderson insists that a sex scene between Scully and Mulder is out there. When talking about sex between the two, Anderson noted the presence of Scully's son William as evidence of a sexual relationship, and said of a sex scene "We shot it. It's somewhere."

A third X-Files movie is still very possible: Carter, Duchovny and Anderson have all three raised the possiblity of a third cinematic adventure for Scully and Mulder in the past, and they continued to give fans hope during the panel. "I always thought whenever we can come back together, we would, as much as we can, so we will," Duchovny said. Carter added soon after, "We can get to it later."

David Duchovny's favorite Mulder/Scully moment: Though he had all of X-Files history to choose from, Duchovny said his favorite moment between the duo came at the end of the season-five episode "The Post-Modern Prometheus," when they danced together.

"That just had a great feeling to it," he said.

What would Mulder and Scully do on a date?: Anderson answered this audience question with two words: "Have sex." Duchovny added, "And then maybe dinner."

When did Mulder and Scully fall in love?: When asked when the relationship changed from professional to more-than-professional, Carter answered by saying it was always something more.

"I think it was when you first walked into his office in the basement," he said.

Anderson didn't always appreciate certain aspects of Mulder: When asked what they didn't understand about their characters at first that they understand now, Anderson remarked about Mulder, rather than Scully.

"I guess I didn't realize that Mulder was so cool until a few years later," she said.

Anderson would not want the show back on television: When asked if the cast and crew would ever be up for doing a limited televison series much like the forthcoming revival of the Fox thriller 24, Anderson quickly said "No!", then added "No, but a film would be great."

How will those X-Files comics be different from the show?: When asked about the just-launched X-Files: Season Ten comic-book series, Carter said the stories are "more comic-booky," and added that the comics will feature "their own mythology."

Would anything change if they were making The X-Files today?: When asked if he would approach the show differently if he were making it in 2013, Carter answered that the only big difference he could imagine would be technology.

"The show is very dark by design," he said. "The technology has changed. I think that probably would affect some things, but I think what we did is really what we would do now." 

Will Anderson and Duchovny ever team up outside of The X-Files?: Asked if the two actors would ever work together outside of the franchise, Duchovny said it would take something very special to make it happen, but not because he doesn't enjoy working with Anderson. 

"To be honest with you, I've always felt that there's something — sacred is the wrong word — but I've always felt that there was something so special about Mulder and Scully," he said. "I love Gillian and I love working with her, but it would have to be something that I can't think of in order to cross that line."

(Via HitFix's Daniel Feinberg and MTV's Tami Katzoff)