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The X-Files getting 'Lower Decks' treatment with animated comedy spin-off in the works at Fox

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Aug 28, 2020, 3:25 PM EDT

The 'toons are out there. The X-Files might not be coming back with Agents Mulder and Scully anytime soon (last seen reunited during a Zoom call singing their spooky show's theme song), but thanks to a new Fox development, the franchise will be getting the Star TrekLower Decks treatment.

According to TVLine, the new show — executive produced by original series creator Chris Carter and writer Gabe Rotter — is called The X-Files: Albuquerque and has gotten a script and presentation order from Fox. The series will follow a different team of agents tackling the cases deemed too weird, obscure, or downright silly for Mulder and Scully's A-team...which is itself weird considering that's kind of what The X-Files team was made for in the first place.

The series' pilot comes from Paradise PD's Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko, with animation from Bento Box. This will be the first new X-Files fans have gotten since the revival seasons ended in 2018 — and the first news they've had of it continuing on in any form since star Gillian Anderson announced that she was done with the franchise around the same time.

No word on when or if this spinoff will enter production or who will voice its B-list B-horror agents.

Gillian Anderson returns to Dana Scully.