X-Files pop-up book will feature tiny, kid-friendly Scully and Mulder

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May 12, 2017, 2:17 PM EDT (Updated)

The X-Files were the 1990s adventures of conspiracy theorist Fox Mulder and skep-chick Dana Scully. The adventure continued in 2016 on television. But it’s about to continue again … as a pop-up book.

In one of the stranger tie-in books, the very adult series will be translating into a book for kiddies on August 29, 2017, by author and artist Kim Smith.

According to the blurb on Amazon,

One the most beloved TV shows of all time is now a sweet, silly, sci-fi bedtime story! In The X Files: Earth Children Are Weird, best pals Dana (Scully) and Fox (Mulder) have pitched a tent in the backyard for a sleepover. But the night is full of strange sounds, lights, and shadows. Surely there’s a rational, scientific explanation for everything . . . or is there? With beautiful illustrations of pint-sized Dana and Fox, this humorous and not-scary-at-all story will introduce the cult TV show to an entire new generation of fans.

This isn’t the only pop-up tie-in that Smith is writing. She’s also working on one about E.T.

Here’s a pic of tiny Scully and Mulder from Entertainment Weekly. They’re cute as two cute buttons.


X-Files fans got books for the teenaged versions of our heroes in 2016: Agent of Chaos by Jonathan Maberry and Devil’s Advocate by Kami Garcia. You can tell by the title which book was about which character.

(Via EW)

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