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The truth is at NYCC as The X-Files reveals first footage from new season

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Oct 9, 2017, 5:46 PM EDT (Updated)

After lying dormant in a shallow grave, The X-Files emerged from its restless slumber in 2016 with a six-episode 10th season. In proper X-Files style, it left us with more questions than answers. 

But once again, creator Chris Carter will be unearthing its creepy tales with a 10-episode 11th season. And at New York Comic Con on Thursday, he gave fans a taste of what's in store by dropping the first footage from the new season.

Check it out below:


The trailer isn't overly long, but there's still a lot to unpack. Everyone seems to be talking about the end of civilization itself as the show's murky mythology comes to a head with the Cigarette Smoking Man right in the middle of the action. Mulder and Scully's son William also seems to have a role to play as fleeting footage offers glimpses at a quick Lone Gunmen nod, what could be a legit alien autopsy, and some nice action beats. If this really is the show's final run, it looks to go out in style.

Inside the NYCC panel, which in addition to Carter included Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and Mitch Pillegi, the question on a lot of fans' minds was whether we would see romance between Mulder and Scully this season after the “all business” nature of Season 10. Creator Chris Carter’s answer? "They get kissin’ close," to which Anderson jokingly replied, "When’s that gonna happen?"

Carter also confirmed that he'll be leaving Season 11 in cliffhanger territory as well — leaving fans groaning. Although it did give David Duchovny the opportunity to throw in some dad jokes about naming a character Cliff. Oh, David.

Moderator Michael Ausiello also managed to squeeze out a few details about what we can expect in Season 11. Of the 10 episodes, eight will be stand-alone and two will address the mythology. The cliffhanger from Season 10 will be addressed in Episode 1, along with some backstory on our favorite villain who just won't seem to die, the Cigarette Smoking Man. Episode 6 will be Skinner-centric and include some young Skinner moments, who Anderson joked is "still bald."

After facing criticism about the lack of female directors on The X-Files, we found out Episode 6 will be directed by Carol Baker (oh look, a female director for The X-Files!). Longtime fan? We also learned that Episode 8 will be similarly creepy to a fan-favorite episode from Season 4 called "Home" and will be written by James Wong and Glen Morgan.

The X-Files didn’t just have its skeletal fingers on the pulse of the 1990s. It helped define the '90s, with its questions about the unknown as the millennium approached. (In fact, Carter had a spin-off — Millennium — entirely devoted to end-of-times paranoia.)

Season 10 wasn’t completely satisfying — and we’re saying that as hard-core X-Philes. But the show’s mythology is worth diving into again. And perhaps we’ll be getting the answers we crave as much as Virgil Incanto craved human fat in “2Shy.”

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