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The X-Files cast singing its theme song on Zoom is now, like the truth, out there

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Aug 21, 2020, 2:14 PM EDT

Did the iconic theme song for The X-Files need fan-written lyrics? If it got the cast of the sci-fi series to reunite for a musical Zoom call, then, perhaps — like the massive government archives secreting away the supernatural — it's worth it for the greater good.

The reunion's intention comes from series executive producer Frank Spotnitz, whose work with World Central Kitchen charity led him to bring 33 members of The X-Files cast together for a special rendition of the theme. With a "donate" button and a small message from Spotnitz explaining the cause, the video aims to raise money for the food-relief non-profit.

But this isn't all just about goodwill: There's a silly minute of spy subterfuge to get through before fans get to hear some singing from the likes of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Take a look:

Now how many government secrets are hidden in this song? The new lyrics — courtesy of contest winners Jennifer Large and Rebecca MacDonald — give composer Mark Snow's classic eerie theme a twist, especially when sung by a wide-ranging collection of cast members and crew.

Among them are Anderson, Rob Bowman, Tom Braidwood, series creator Chris Carter, William B. Davis, Duchovny, Cary Elwes, The Enigma, Vince Gilligan, Annabeth Gish, Howard Gordon, Jeff Gulka, Dean Haglund, Laurie Holden, Karin Konoval, Bruce Harwood, Nicholas Lea, Michelle MacLaren, Melinda McGraw, Michael McKean, Darin Morgan, Chris Owens, Robert Patrick, James Pickens Jr., Mitch Pileggi, Zuleikha Robinson, Gabe Rotter, John Shiban, Stephen Snedden, Mark Snow, Frank Spotnitz, Rebecca Toolan, and James Wong, according to the video's description.

Speaking to Variety, Carter explained that “We wanted to gather The X-Files family together during these trying times to put some hope and spirit back into the world. And use the occasion to give thanks and donations to those who need it most."

Spotnitz, meanwhile, also chimed in on the origins of this surreal video: “During lockdown I really wanted to find a way to do something positive, and we had a rare opportunity to get The X-Files gang back together, so we hit upon this idea of putting lyrics to the theme tune — which had never been done before.”

The X-Files finished its 11th season on March 21, 2018.       

Gillian Anderson returns to Dana Scully.