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X-Force co-creator Rob Liefeld will host Deadpool 2 screenings and mini-con

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Apr 20, 2018, 4:57 PM EDT (Updated)

Deadpool 2 is just a few weeks away, and no one is more excited about it than his co-creator, Rob Liefeld. The new film isn’t just the return of Ryan Reynolds’ wildly popular take on Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth; it’s also the live-action debut of Liefeld’s other signature characters: Cable and Domino. To mark the occasion, Liefeld is giving fans in the Los Angeles area an opportunity to attend special screenings of Deadpool 2 and a Deadpool-themed mini-comic convention. 

“I can’t wait for everyone to experience all my creations up on the screen together for the first time,” said Liefeld in a statement, per Heroic Hollywood. “The first movie was big, but this is even bigger! Ryan, Zazie and Josh embody Deadpool, Domino and Cable so perfectly. What better way to see it experience it than seeing it with the man who created them all and then continuing the celebration at an exclusive FREE event!”

The two Deadpool 2 screenings will be held on May 17 and 18 at Frank and Sons in City of Industry. Tickets for those screenings will go on sale at Liefeld’s official site on April 20. On May 19, the twice-weekly Frank and Sons collectible show will be transformed into a "Deadpool Day X-Force X-Travaganza." The event is free to attend, but fans will get the chance to purchase collectibles and other merchandise. There will also be guests from the Cable, Deadpool, Domino, and X-Force comics, as well as from Deadpool 2.

Additionally, Liefeld teamed up with artist Mike Capprotti to re-create Liefeld’s cover from New Mutants #98 (the 1991 comic that featured the debut of Domino and Deadpool) using the likenesses of the performers from Deadpool 2. It’s available exclusively for fans who purchase advance Deadpool 2 tickets through Fandango.

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Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18.

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