X-Men and Hulk crossover in Marvel's Weapons of Mutant Destruction preview

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May 19, 2017

Now that Marvel Comics' "ResurreXion" publishing initiative is well underway with a number of new X-Men and Inhumans comics, it's time to see where things go from here. New overarching plots are already developing across the various books, but crossovers were also inevitable, and next month the publisher will launch an intriguing one with Weapons of Mutant Destruction.

In the pages of the ResurreXion series Weapon X, some of the deadliest killers of the mutant world are learning that the program that made them is now out to end them. Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Domino, Lady Deathstrike and Warpath have all found themselves on the hitlist of the group and its mysterious new director. As these mutants try to unravel and end Weapon X's master plan, they will also need a little help. As it turns out, though, the mutant assassins and the Weapon X program are after the same guy: The Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho. Now, in the pages of Weapon X and Totally Awesome Hulk, writer Greg Pak will tell the story of this battle, with Amadeus caught in the middle.

“The heroes and villains who have come together to battle the new Weapon X include some of Marvel's most ruthless killers, trackers, and hand-to-hand combatants with Logan, Sabretooth, Domino, Warpath, and Lady Deathstrike,” Pak said. “But to stop Weapon X, our team needs the brains and brawn of Amadeus Cho, a.k.a. the Totally Awesome Hulk. The trick is that Amadeus's cocky optimism might put him on a collision course with his own ruthless teammates. The sheer visceral fun comes from the massive mayhem of the world's most lethal X-Men cutting loose alongside the Hulk with the fate of all mutantkind in the balance."

The event kicks off next month with the Weapons of Mutant Destruction: Alpha one-shot and will continue in Totally Awesome Hulk #20-22 and Weapon X#5-6.

Pak's been having fun with Amadeus Cho since he co-created the character back in 2005, and turning him into the new incarnation of Hulk was one of the most amusing notions in Marvel's recent history. The Totally Awesome Hulk has been a bright spot in the Marvel Universe for two years now, and teaming him with tortured souls like Logan and Sabretooth seems like a great idea for blending comedy with a strange kind of heart. If you agree, check out the preview (along with peeks at prelude issues Weapon X #4 and Totally Awesome Hulk #19) in the gallery below, and look for Weapons of Mutant Destruction when it kicks off June 21.

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