X-Men: Blue 25 Cover
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X-Men: Blue unveils new team led by Magneto's daughter, Wolverine's sons

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Apr 11, 2018, 11:10 AM EDT

The endless parade of X-Men groups over the years may have left some jaded about the team-ups of mutantkind in the comic world. But none have the pedigree of the one revealed in today’s release of X-Men: Blue #25.

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Jorge Molina have introduced a new group of mutants that have to step up as a team after the Original Five (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Jean Grey) are facing their Xtinction, lost in space thanks to the Venom/X-Men crossover Poison X. The universe won’t stand being X-Menless, so Polaris (Lorna Dane) is taking over out of necessity -- though she’s no stranger to leadership, having led the government-based X-Factor team before.

But Magneto’s daughter isn’t the only high-profile hero ascending the mantle of X-Men fame. Her shifting allegiances are shared by Jimmy Hudson and Daken, Wolverine’s children (though from different universes -- it’s a comic book, okay?). The latter will likely have conflict, as Jimmy was on the previous team of X-Men while Daken was, until recently, quite a villain. Keeping the three legacy entries in check will be Bloodstorm (Storm’s vampiric alt-version), Xorn, and Gazing Nightshade.

These blue-black bad boys (and girls) will be facing off against Havok -- a love interest for Polaris and the magically evil version of Cyclops. He’s teaming up with Emma Frost, Miss Sinister, and Bastion to, well, most likely, get beat up on by the kids of the most famous X-Men out there. And, with the fate of the All-New X-Men in flux, this may be the most stable team that Marvel has running right now.

X-Men: Blue #25 is out in stores today.