13 X-Men characters who haven't made it to the screen yet (but should)

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May 11, 2017

If you thought Fox was falling behind in the superhero race, don't worry, 2018 should change your mind pretty quickly. While one of their Marvel Comics properties, Fantastic Four, continues to languish in the Negative Zone, the X-Men are alive and well, rejuvenated by the soft reboot of a few years back and a pair of R-rated entries that you may have heard of: Deadpool and Logan.

Add to that the critically acclaimed Legion on TV and the X-Men property has undergone a secondary mutation into the next chapter of its existence.

Now, there's another X-Men TV series on the way, plus three films hitting theaters in 2018: New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. That means a ton of new X-Men characters will be making their live-action debut on the big and small screen alike. While characters like Cannonball, Magik, Domino, Cable and many more are exciting, we can't help but get a little greedy. Here are 13 more characters (ahem, and we cheated a bit, admittedly) that we'd love to see.


Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Hopefully by titling the next big team movie with the core X-Men “Dark Phoenix,” they're giving us a solid indication that yes, the movie is going to do the full, big Phoenix Saga on the big screen, or at least some version of it. An intergalactic adventure for the X-Men wouldn't be complete without them having to face down the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, a superteam led by a Superman-esque character named Gladiator that has the might (and power sets) of essentially the Justice League, X-Men and Avengers combined. There are so many great characters here, but mostly we want to see the blue Mohawk of Gladiator flying full force toward the X-Men in battle.


Alpha Flight

Another team that could enhance the X-perience of these films is the Canadian superteam, Alpha Flight. It would be especially interesting to see Alpha Flight, which has strong ties to Wolverine, come into contact in a Logan-less world. This team is full of dynamic-looking characters with exciting power sets, like mystic-arts user Shaman, the Hulk-style Sasquatch and the rakish Puck. If they ever need to do something a little differently or head north looking for more info about Logan and the Weapon X program, it could be fun to see Alpha Flight show the X-Men how actual superhero teams are supposed to work.


Quentin Quire

One of the newer characters on this list, Quentin Quire became an instant fan favorite when introduced during Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's run in the early oughts. An Omega-level mutant with the familiar powers of telepathy and telekinesis, Quire is known more for his abrasive personality, his genius intellect and that one time he started a race riot at Xavier's. Look, he's about as imperfect as they come, and that's what makes so many Marvel characters work so well. With a new generation of mutants currently being introduced, it's time to spice things up a bit with some Quentin in our lives.



On the surface, Mimic may appear to be a strange character to want more of. In his original incarnation, he simply mimicked the powers of the original X-Men, seeking to join them. But an alternate-reality version was introduced in Exiles that made the character really soar. From his ability to copy up to five powers at once (making him basically a more useful version of Rogue) to his conflicted nature, he could add instant variety – and chaos – to any team or situation.



Shiro Yoshida would be a great addition to a big screen line-up that has, ironically due to the X-Men's core message, lacked diversity in a big way. A Japanese mutant with fire-based powers (yes, he's basically a mutant Human Torch, don't worry about it), his personality tends to be as hot-headed as his powers. If they do bring him to the big screen, hopefully it's in his Age of Apocalypse costume, which was one of the best redesigns of a character ever.



Teased by some promotional art and a deleted scene, Alison 'Dazzler' Blaire would be a perfect addition to the big-screen X-Men universe. Her powers are visually exciting as she converts sound into hard light beams. She's a marketable mutant (in the comics, that's literally her shtick), using her powers at first to neither fight nor commit crime but just as part of her act as a singer. And most of all (most of the time), she's a mutant who just seems to have fun being a mutant. Mutants enjoying their powers would be a welcome change in the X-movies.



He has possibly the most comic-booky origin of any character in all of Marvel Comics, as he's technically kind of his own grandfather? There's time-travel and cloning involved. Luckily, a movie wouldn't have to address that in any way and instead could just tell the story of this slightly naïve fish-out-of-water kid named Longshot, whose powers make him extremely lucky. He has a great relationship with Dazzler that could be played with on screen ... and his powers are a lot less expensive.



Yeah, we're only just about to get the New Mutants, so getting the next version of them, Generation X, is X-tremely unlikely. But you could pick and choose a member or two of that team and bring in someone like Chamber. A character Marvel writer Christina Strain recently referred to as 'the Sadboy,' Chamber is an interesting case – sure, he has those sexy, insanely-common-for-mutants psionic powers, but when they activated they also blew a hole in his chest, all the way up his neck and including his lower jaw – um, not as sexy. His brooding nature, his spectacular-looking and his trademark British wit would let him stand out from the other young mutants.



Jean-Paul Beubier is a French-Canadian mutant, first a member of the aforementioned Alpha Flight with the powers of super-speed and flight. Early in his career he teamed often with his twin sister Aurora, who had identical abilities. But Northstar made waves not with his holier-than-thou French-Canadianisms (though they are awesome) but instead by being the first gay superhero to get married in the pages of a mainstream superhero comic book. Adding Northstar to an X-Men films lineup and introducing a same-sex love interest for him would be a nice step in inclusiveness in a story that's supposed to be all about that.



A young female mutant created by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, Hisako Ichiki wants desperately to be a member of the X-Men. Introducing a character like that would serve a similar purpose to our description of Dazzler above, giving a different perspective on what it is to be a mutant in that world. Her armor that grows around her when she fights is visually interesting but it's her perspective that would really shine through as unique.



Another Morrison creation, Fantomex is a mysterious result of the Weapon Plus program – the program that created both Captain America, or Weapon I, and Wolverine, aka Weapon X (which then spun-off into its own program, continuing to do experiments using Wolverine and others' DNA, which then spun-off into its own own program that created X-23. Comics!). Fantomex was Weapon XIII, and of course that little Wolverine connection makes him instantly interesting to the movie-goer. Fantomex is a suave French-accented thief (um, sorry Gambit, you didn't file your trademarks properly) with enhanced just-about-everything, the ability of 'misdirection,' which allows him to skew others' view of reality, and E.V.A., his spaceship-looking external nervous system. He's been a member of a few X-Force teams, so maybe that reportedly still-coming movie is the place to introduce him?



Let's face it, in today's political climate, a devout Muslim woman wearing a full niqab being seen as a hero would be a bold step in the right direction. We've seen her powers before in a way, as Apocalypse used some sand-manipulation in the last X-Men movie; however, Sooraya Qadir can not just manipulate sand -- she turns her entire body into a dust cloud that she can manipulate with her mind. Another of the young X-Men created during Morrison's run, she technically appeared on screen already in the completely retconned (and forgettable) X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but we'll all continue to try to sweep that movie under the rug like so much dust. Oops.


Pete Wisdom

This is the easiest pitch possible: Mutant James Bond (um, but usually snarkier and angrier). A British secret agent with the ability to shoot out energy knives, his sister is also a magic user, so if you wanted to take the crazy to another level you can throw her into the mix for extra fun. Wrap up his first appearance by introducing MI-13 and you have an instant entry for another five or six great X-Men-related characters, too.

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