X-Men: Dark Phoenix sequel could happen sooner than we thought

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May 2, 2017, 11:20 AM EDT (Updated)

The mainline X-Men franchise is in a state of transition, with longtime director Bryan Singer gone and spinoff projects like Logan and Deadpool 2 stealing much of the spotlight. But could a straight-up X-Men sequel be a whole lot closer than we thought?

Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) told HeyUGuys that she would be shooting a new X-Men film later this year ... which is interesting, considering there's been no indication Fox actually has a story and project lined up to the point that they'd start lining up a filming schedule with the cast. Turner said they are "about to start shooting the next X-Men," which she will fit in before work on the eighth season of Game of Thrones.

The project would apparently be the sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse, code-named Supernova, which is rumored to focus on the Dark Phoenix Saga. If that's true, it would make sense Turner would be in the loop (since the classic Phoenix comic arc is all about Jean Grey). And it's worth noting X-Men: The Last Stand included a truncated take on the Phoenix story during the previous timeline that was replaced during Days of Future Past (confused yet?). But it was awful, so we're choosing to ignore it (and so, apparently, is Fox).

If the film is shooting in just a few months, the studio should be getting close lining up a director. If not Singer, who would you like to see running this franchise? Maybe bring back Matthew Vaughn?

In the meantime, check out some fan art of Sophie Turner as the Phoenix below.