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X-Men: Extermination reveals fan favorite is still alive in final issue

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Dec 19, 2018

After a bloody run that claimed plenty of mutant lives, Marvel Comics’ killer X-Men event Extermination comes to an end with both death and some unexpected life. There’s plenty of messing with the timeline in the run’s final issue, which was just released today, but the most jaw-dropping detail is in its conclusion.

**SPOILER WARNING: This story reveals key plot details of Extermination #5. Stop reading now if you don't want to know who lives, who dies, and what it all means.**

The death toll has been high already for this miniseries, with Bloodstorm, Cable, and young Cyclops all falling to the mutant-hunting Ahab and Kid Cable (as he hates to be called) as they attempt to round up the time-displaced younger X-Men. And, as it turns out, Kid Cable was actually trying to right all these wrongs! But wait — that wasn’t Cyclops who had the harpoon driven through him last issue. It was actually Mimic, who took Scott Summers’ visor and was promptly speared. If that wasn’t Cyclops... then the original X-Men can still return to their time.

That plotline resolves with all sorts of time-hopping tomfoolery — and a relatively happy ending occurring very shortly after Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen’s 2012 All-New X-Men #2 sent them back in the first place — until the final pages, when fans may have already extrapolated that something just didn’t add up.

If young Cyclops survived Ahab’s attack... doesn’t that mean that old Cyclops should be around here somewhere? Then, lo and behold, in the final page of the comic, Scott Summers is hanging out at Kid Cable’s base of operations:

kid cable extermination

Source: Marvel Comics

Excuse us? Didn’t Cyclops die a long time ago back in 2016's Death of X to the M-Pox? No timeline hijinks should’ve reversed that, but this image doesn’t lie:

Cyclops Extermination

Source: Marvel Comics

The old costume is back, the old hero is back, and all of comicdom will have to wait to find out what it all means. With Cyclops alive (maybe) and the timeline potentially righted, the possibilities for the team of mutant heroes is rebooted, refreshed, and ready to roll — with plenty of tragic and intense backstory binding them together.

Extermination #5 is out now.

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