X-Men: First Class concept art reveals mutant who got cut from the film

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Dec 12, 2013, 12:07 PM EST

The cast of X-Men: First Class was pretty massive to begin with, but it turns out there was one more mutant who didn’t make the cut. So, want to see what Sunspot would have looked like?

Some new concept art has surfaced from the 2011 prequel, showing off the look that director Matthew Vaughn had in mind for the mutant Roberto da Costa, aka Sunspot. The character was introduced to the comic canon in the early 1980s, and has the ability to absorb solar energy, resulting in a crackling, molten look.

Sunspot had a role in the film for much of its development, but Vaughn made the decision to cut him from the story because they didn’t have the FX budget to do him justice. Now that we have a look at the concept art, it’s easy to understand why.

Check out how Sunspot would have looked below, in a piece created by Rhythm and Hues Studios' concept artist Josh Kao:


Pretty awesome, right? Well, good news — we’ll finally get to see a big-screen version of Sunspot in the upcoming sequel Days of Future Past next year, though we have no clue whether they plan to follow this design.

Director Bryan Singer has tapped Adan Canto to play the character, though the only peek we have of him at the moment doesn’t show off his unique abilities:


Do you like the unused design from First Class? Do you hope it resurfaces in the sequel?

(Via Comic Book Movie)