X-Men producer tackles rumors about the next movie

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Mar 18, 2019, 8:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Keeper of the X-Men flame Simon Kinberg has cleared up some chatter about that mysterious new X-movie.

Over the past few months, we've heard a lot of different and unofficial things about the next proper X-Men film, which would follow up last year's X-Men: Apocalypse. We've heard it was going to be called X-Men: Supernova; that it was going to tackle the classic "Dark Phoenix" storyline; that longtime X-Men writer/producer Simon Kinberg was going to direct it; and that, according to Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), production was ramping up soon.

Well, Slashfilm had a chance to sit down with Kinberg recently while he did the press rounds for Logan, and while he remained evasive about some aspects of the next X-Men installment, he did shed a bit more light on others.

On the name Supernova:

"It’s not called Supernova. One of the things we do when we make these X-Men movies, to be totally candid, is — any of these movies, it's on Star Wars, too — is you come up with fake names to throw people off the scent and when you're out making the movie, the signs that show you where the locations are say Nova, or whatever the fake title is, and people figure it out, and I don't even know why we do it anymore. But at any rate, it's not called Supernova. That was the code name for it. There's yet another code name now."

On the production timeline for the film:

"We're in early stages of prep on it, and it's something that Hutch (Parker, producer) and I specifically have been talking about, as the producers of it and me as the writer of it, since post-production on Apocalypse, what the story would be and how would do something bold and radical and expand the universe in the same way that Logan feels bold and radical and certainly Deadpool does as well. And that's where we are with it."

As for whether Kinberg will make his directorial debut on the movie:

"That’s premature. But it’s certainly something I've been interested in doing generally for a long time."

And finally, on whether the movie will remake -- and hopefully do justice to -- the "Dark Phoenix" storyline that was so badly botched in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand, Kinberg was a little more vague:

"I can't comment on what we're doing with this next X-Men movie, but I think a way to talk about it potentially, is to talk about X-Men: The Last Stand, and then that being a Dark Phoenix movie that we didn't get quite right. I think of maybe a few mistakes we made in that movie — and every movie has mistakes — but the main mistake we made in that movie was taking the Dark Phoenix story, which is such a vast and profound saga, and making it the subplot of the movie as opposed to the main plot of the movie. I think if we were to make a Dark Phoenix movie in the future, it would be a Dark Phoenix movie about her struggle, and really should be the A plot and the primary of the movie."

Based on the indirect nature of that last comment, I would say it's a good bet that "Dark Phoenix" is going to get a second chance with the new X-Men movie, which is probably why the real title is a secret for now as well.

X-Men: Apocalypse was not particularly well received by fans. Do you think the franchise can get back on track by adapting "Dark Phoenix"? What do you make of the rest of Kinberg's remarks?

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