X-Men Red led by Jean Grey, promises mystery fan-favorite and new mutant Trinary

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel Comics is launching X-Men Red on February 7, 2018, to join other mutant titles X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue. In case you haven’t gathered, the "Red" refers to its leader, Jean Grey, among the most powerful telepaths.

In recent days, Marvel has been slowly revealing parts of the roster that were originally masked in silhouette, but the entire team has been revealed in the variant cover to Issue #1.


Joining Grey are Namor the Submariner, the Wakandan mutant Gentle, Nightcrawler, Laura Kinney the all-new Wolverine (aka X-23), and her cloned little sister Gabby. Making her debut in X-Men Red is the new mutant character Trinary.

In a statement, X-Men group editor Mark Paniccia promised one more “fan-favorite hero joining the team in this first arc.” With X-Men readers starving for more titles, this roster is sure to keep the discussion lively, since Grey, Namor, Nightcrawler, Laura Kinney, and the mystery character are the only well-established characters. Gabby, Gentle, and Trinary will be mostly new and bring unexpected dynamics to the roster.

Paniccia added, “As the threat level escalates, Jean needs to build a highly specialized team … not just those she trusts, but allies who can survive the oncoming storm.”

There have also never been two Wolverine-type characters at the same time on a focused X-Men roster, so that will be something readers will either be excited for or criticize for saturation. Wait and read it first, folks. Wait and read. For the uninitiated, both Laura and Gabby are clones of Wolverine. Gabby, having just one claw on each hand, cannot feel pain.

Gentle controls his muscle mass, and nothing is yet known about Trinary. Nightcrawler is currently on the X-Men Gold roster, led by Kitty Pryde, so that's something that needs to be explained, along with who the X-Men's new tailor is, because these are radically fresh threads for Jean, Nightcrawler, and Namor, too. 

Marvel’s description for X-Men Red is as follows:

When one of the most dangerous X-Men villains returns to wreak havoc, Jean’s dreams of peace are threatened…and order starts to turn to chaos. It’s mutant against mutant this February in an all-new adventure that will have X-fans on the edge of their seats, as Jean Grey’s team takes on the Marvel Universe – only in X-MEN RED!

Tom Taylor (All New Wolverine) is writing the series, and artist Mahmud Asrar, with covers by Travis Charest. Taylor announced on Twitter that Gabby will finally get her own code name: 

As a part of the Marvel Legacy initiative, the adult Jean Grey is making her return to the Marvel Universe after being killed in New X-Men back in 2004. A time-displaced teenage Jean Grey has been the subject of many recent stories, including her own ongoing series, Jean Grey. So how does the adult Jean return after 13 years?

Readers must first read the five-part miniseries, Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey, by Matthew Rosenberg and Leinil Francis Yu, first. That will hit comic shops and digital on December 27. Anyone want to make any bets she won’t be happy to realize Cyclops is dead? 

Now let the roster debate commence: What do you think of the X-Men Red roster, and what about those new uniforms for Jean Grey and Namor?