X-Men series coming to Fox courtesy of Bryan Singer and Burn Notice's Matt Nix

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Jul 12, 2016, 5:46 PM EDT

"A live-action X-Men TV series is overdue," says nerd who whines on the internet for a living. But enough about me, the X-Men are finally making it to the small screen!

It was announced today that Fox would be bringing an unnamed X-show to the network with a who's who list of comic book, TV and film creators, including Matt Nix, Bryan Singer,  Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg and Marvel’s Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory. That's a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but also some darn good cooks.

Gone is the Hellfire Club storyline that was being batted around, and in its place is a series featuring two unknown parents with mutant children who find themselves running from the government and smack into an underground mutant network trying to survive. It's a fish-out-of-water tale that leaves itself free to tell original stories while still remaining in a space to reimagine classic X-stories from comics past.

“Developing a Marvel property has been a top priority for the network -- and we are so pleased with how Matt Nix has led us into this thrilling universe,” says Fox Entertainment President David Madden. “There’s comic book adventure, emotional and complicated relationships and a rich, existing mythology from which to draw. With the brilliant production crew behind this project, it has all the makings of a big, fun and exciting new series.”

Although Fox is not new to adapting comics to TV, with both Gotham and Lucifer on the network now, this will mark its first Marvel series. Says Jeph Loeb of Nix and Foxs involvement, "Marvel Television is thrilled to be co-producing with 20th Century Fox Television on our first project. Matt’s a huge fan of X-Men and his take on X-Men, with its rich characters and high-stakes adventure, is exactly the show we want on Fox. It’s a great team of creative producers who will be making something entirely unique."

So will this mean a blend of comic book faithfulness from Nix blended with the fast-and-loose style of Singer? And are the current DC TV shows from Fox an indication of what's to come? Gotham may have struggled in its first season, but it has since discovered a madcap ability to weave insane, original sories while still serving up plenty of easter eggs for serious Bat-fans. Fingers crossed, this new X-Men series will be able to do the same. And, hey, with Nix's success on Burn Notice, maybe we can all hope he'll dip back into that talent pool and cast Bruce Campbell? You could always tweet Matt with a #BruceCampbell4XMen, not that I'm trying to start a mutant revolution or anything...

(via Variety)