X-Men TV series may not be called Gifted after all ... but will feature this classic X-Man!

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Dec 21, 2018, 9:00 PM EST (Updated)

Looks like Blink and Polaris won't be the only X-Men to lead the cast of Gifted.

Switched at Birth and Satisfaction star Blair Redford may have been the first person to be cast on the upcoming Fox and Marvel TV co-produced X-Men TV series Gifted (more on that later), but so far all we knew of his character was that he was a Native American named "Sam" who is also the leader of the underground mutant resistance.

Over the weekend, star Natalie Alyn Lind took to social media to share a pic from the set of the X-Men series, revealing a board showing the primary cast members. If you look closely at Blair Redford's pic, you can see that his character is referred to as Thunderbird. Take a look at Exhibit A below:

In the Marvel comics, Thunderbird's real name was John Proudstar. The character first appeared in the pages of Giant-Sized X-Men #1 (1975) before getting killed during his second mission. Created by writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum, he was an Apache who possessed superhuman strength, speed, senses and agility. Thunderbird was recruited by Professor X to join the X-Men, where he clashed with team leader Cyclops because of his willfulness and temper. Thunderbird helped in rescuing the original X-Men from the mutant island Krakoa but died when they faced the nefarious Count Nefaria and the Ani-Men.

Whether Redford is indeed playing John Proudstar, aka Thunderbird, remains to be seen. It's possible he's playing the character's brother, James Proudstar, who took on the mantle of Thunderbird for a while before becoming Warpath. Warpath appeared in Days of Future Past alongside Blink and was played by Booboo Stewart. There's also a third Thunderbird named Neal Shaara, but that one has nothing to do with the Proudstars, being an Indian mutant with the fiery power of pyrokinesis.

As you can see, none of them are named Sam, so "Sam" is probably a code name. Unless he's a brand-new Thunderbird.

Now, as to the X-Men TV series being titled Gifted, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that this isn't the official name of the series (Nooo!) but is actually the current working title. Meaning it could end up being titled Gifted after all or … not. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.

What do you think about Thunderbird being part of the new X-Men series?

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