X-Men's Iceman getting his first ongoing series in his 50+ year history

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Oct 17, 2016

It’s hard to believe, but X-Men’s Iceman has been kicking around since 1963 and has never had his own ongoing solo series. Until now.

Marvel has announced plans for a new Iceman ongoing comic, which marks the first time the founding X-Men member will be going solo. Yes, he’s had some miniseries runs in the past, but this is the first ongoing series. Marvel is diving into the X-Men vs. Inhumans event right now, and that will spin into the Ressurxion (Ugh, that spelling -Ed.) event that will span pretty much every X-Men series.

Considering there are currently two different versions of Bobby Drake running around, we’ll clarify this new ongoing series will focus on the older Iceman from the current continuity. The younger version of Bobby, brought to the present day by Hank McCoy at the start of All-New X-Men, is also kicking around over in that ‘book. So, yeah, don’t get confused.

As for Iceman, the character has gone through quite a bit of development in recent years. The character came out last year, which has opened up several new stories for Bobby Drake. No word on exactly what type of story Iceman #1 will focus on, but it’ll certainly be great to see him get a bit more breathing room outside the flagship ‘books.


(Via Marvel)

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