X-Files star gives us a terrifying new reason to watch Hannibal

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

NBC's Hannibal just got interesting. The small-screen adaptation has snagged a member of The X-Files, who'll spend some time with the ultimate serial killer—Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Gillian Anderson, who's best known for her role as Agent Dana Scully, is returning to U.S. television. After working on British productions like The Fall and Moby Dick, she's heading to NBC. The actress has landed a role on the upcoming thriller Hannibal.

According to creator Bryan Fuller, "Every therapist needs their own head examined and we are ecstatic that Gillian Anderson has chosen Hannibal to mark her return to American television after 10 years to portray Dr. Lecter's personal psychiatrist."

"Her intelligence and sophistication, not to mention her pedigree of ground-breaking TV, make her the perfect actress to match wits and psychological manipulations with one of the greatest villains of pop culture. I couldn't be more excited."

Anderson will appear in three episodes starting early next year.

Hannibal stars Mads Mikkelsen as the title character, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham and Laurence Fishburne as Agent Jack Crawford.

Will you be tuning in for Anderson's new gig?

(via EW)