X-Men: First Class director added love song just to attract women

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Dec 14, 2012

There are as many female comic-book fans as male ones, yet Hollywood doesn't seem to recognize this. Matthew Vaughn, director of X-Men: First Class, is also oddly unaware that women read comic books. So he's giving women what he thinks will draw them into the theaters: a love song.

Yup. Because THAT'S what women want.

MTV reports:

"I think there's a lot for women to enjoy in this film," he said. "Remember 'Armageddon' [and] the Aerosmith song that got girls who probably wouldn't have originally gone to see 'Armageddon' hearing there was a love song, and [saying], 'Oh, maybe there is something in the film?' . . . So it's pure commerce, to be blunt, and I want women to see this film."

It's hard to know where to begin with this. It's as if Vaughn is saying, "I forgot women were half of the movie-going audience. I better toss something in at the last minute." Considering the high revealingly-clad-female-to-average-dressed-female ratio in X-Men: First Class, it does seem as if he were directing this with only males in mind.

Vaughn chose "Love Love" by Take That as the theme song.

If you're a fan of pop, "Love Love" is a decent enough song, and its lyrics relate to the movie ("You're at the gates of human evolution"), although the sound is very 2011 and not 1963. But is it enough to make women say, "Wow! What a great song! I think I'll see this movie?" No.

Note to the director: Do you know what attracts women to movies? Interesting characters and plot. Women who are as confident and strong as the men. An emotional as well as a physical journey.

Do you know what might keep women away from movies? Being told that what women want in a movie can be inserted as an afterthought.

(via IndieWire)

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