X-Men's James Marsden says Cyclops should get his own spinoff

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Dec 16, 2012

If you thought the first three X-Men films didn't have enough of that wholesome Cyclops goodness, so did we. And so, it turns out, did actor James Marsden, who played Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, the man with the red visor. And like Wolverine, he thinks the long-running Marvel comic-book character is ripe to get his own spinoff.

In an interview with ET Online, James Marsden talked about his days as Scott Summers/Cyclops in the first three X-Men movies, about how he felt concerning the character's poor amount of screentime, and revealed that the X-Men leader is the character he wishes he could revisit:

It was great to be a part of those movies, people loved them—it's still the thing I get recognized for the most—but I feel like because there were so many cast members in this 90 minute movie, there was never enough time to give him the depth that other characters had. The first movie was really Wolverine's saga—and the second and third as well. If I had a dollar for every time someone came up to me on the street and said, "I would have loved to see more Cyclops.."

Right. So now James Marsden should simply go ahead and finance his own Cyclops movie, right?

[laughs] Exactly. Yes. I don't think his character was ever fleshed out as much as I would have liked. I may have also been a bit on the young side for those films. If I could go back and put on the glasses and suit again where we do a film to learn more about the character, that's the one I would pick. He's ripe for that.

Sorry, James Marsden. While we here always hated how Cyclops died at the hands of his love, Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) in X-Men: The Last Stand (the worst film of the lot—thanks a lot again, Brett Ratner, for ruining the Dark Phoenix saga), and while we also wish this entire storyline would simply go away and disappear, we're not sure that a Cyclops spinoff would fly.

But what do you guys think? Should Cyclops get his own spinoff? Would you go see it?

(via ET Online)

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